Meritocracy = Merit-oriented society

"Motto: This concept is not liberal, not conservative, not left-wing, not right-wing. It is in the public interest!"

Baseline: The Hungarian Meritocratic Society has set itself the goal of raising the social order of the human race to a higher level by purposefully suppressing autocratic (authoritarian) aspirations and eliminating the shortcomings of liberal democracy (liberal in principle, but naively accepting too many negatives in practice and applying too many double standards), by ending the alternate theft of governments in the masks of right and left. The main basis of a meritocratic society is MERIT, in return for which society gives its citizens additional rights to those of merit, and acts at all times according to the legitimate and reasonable needs of a population that complies with the norms. Meanwhile, it is careful to ensure that there is not even a suspicion of corruption.

It does this not simply for the benefit of the Hungarian population, but for the benefit of the entire population of Planet Earth, hoping that more people will embrace the principles of MMT and refine the means of its implementation. We know that these are ambitious goals, we know that they will not be achieved overnight, but we believe that common sense will prevail over greed, lust for domination, egoism and crime that hold the world hostage.

The world's democratic social arrangements are bleeding from many wounds and can no longer be patched up. The main cause of the problems is the collusion of economic and political elites, driven by material interests, to the detriment of the real interests of the population, i.e. the public interest. The whole thing must be put on a new footing. A modern, technologically based, philanthropic meritocratic system can remedy this problem. We are counting on the support of all citizens, right and left, who are capable of compromise, who think responsibly and who are free of the desire for power and hoarding. The guiding principle is common sense consensus. In other words:


The basic elements of the political and economic aspirations outlined in the document are derived from the so-called Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project.

"Level up, Humanity!"

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Meritocracy is a form of society in which the social position of an individual depends not on his social origin but on his talent, knowledge, diligence and achievement, in short, on his "merits".

The principle of meritocracy was known even before our time, but the word itself was reinvented by Michael Young, who mentioned meritocracy in his 1958 essay. According to Margaret Thatcher, the concept of meritocracy: to get a good position, it's no longer who you know, but what you know. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, this is becoming less and less the case in the world.

It is important to read the following carefully, otherwise it is very easy to overlook the context.

Shortened extract

Near future

  • Holding all politicians who have been in power since 1990 to account regardless of conviction or party affiliation. The privatizations of the 1990s will not be overlooked either.
  • Confiscation and public use of all the assets of those found guilty of the previous point, and sending them to prison for an appropriately long period of time to think about it. The procedure also extends to family members, and even relatives and friends, who are not actively involved in politics but who are profiting from it. Even if someone were to flee abroad, they cannot live there in the belief that they have got away with it.
  • As an addition to the previous point, we would also like to see as much of the public assets that have been rescued into offshore companies as possible returned, for which a separate action group will be set up.
  • The restoration of the legal status quo of 2010 WITHOUT the former politicians. This will be a transitional state.
  • Restoration of the Hungarian Republic
  • Annulment of the current constitution + new constitution according to the new principles
  • Establishment of an expert government with complete disregard of former politicians. Expert activity should not be confused with consolidation from astronomical bank loans.
  • Cancellation of the Paks2 contract
  • Urgent restoration of health care and public education system
  • Moving towards full renewable energy production with a view to the fusion technology that already exists
  • Moving towards the resource-based economy promoted by the Venus project
  • Compensation for foreign currency debtors, launching the liquidation of the civil debt trap
  • Annulment of the tobacconist's license, launching a new tender so that those who currently own a tobacconist's shop can NOT participate in the tender.
  • Cancellation of the casino license. All forms of gambling are now subject to a republican monopoly.
  • The start of a real crackdown on crime, once the main criminals, the politicians of the past, have been taken out of circulation
  • The establishment of the organization of a philanthropic meritocratic society, and its continuous promotion to the population
  • The discontinuation of cash
  • Spreading interest-free local money for settlements within the country.
  • Introduction of MMT's simplified and rationalized tax system
  • Launch the modernization, optimization and rationalization of the economy
  • Creation and testing of an online simulation software for a philanthropic meritocratic society, planned for a few years later, with the participation of domestic and foreign citizens

In the later years

  • Introduction of a conditional basic income. This will require the expansion of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is still in its early stages, and the consolidation of the above-mentioned medium.
  • To put experts in as many positions as possible by making the so-called Blind Audition system as widespread as possible
  • Introducing a revolutionary, state-of-the-art personal electronic decision-making system (which is also responsible for elections)
  • The conditions for dismantling the monetary-based world economic system have to begin to be put in place. This is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and resisted tasks that exists. Unfortunately, without it, no significant positive change in the world can be achieved. To achieve this, dependency-based economic cooperation must be urgently abandoned and never again allowed to flourish. This must also be enshrined in the constitution.
  • Consolidation of a just philanthropic meritocratic social system.
  • MMT also proposes to put these theories into practice through the ideas of Jacque Fresco, whose vision of the near and distant future, known as the Venus Project, precisely balances environmental protection and economic efficiency, and envisages a frugal but highly productive society for the general well-being of the population.

"Recognize the fact that all the real problems in the world are caused by corrupt politicians and the billionaires who are in cahoots with them."

All this from what kind of money?

The following headlines summarize this question, which quickly comes to everyone's mind:

  • Recovery of stolen public property (this amount is HORRENDOUS)
  • The discontinuation of buddy and comrade capitalism (cronyism)
  • Setting aside and punishing cronyists and political criminals
  • Secularisation
  • A new, fair but effective tax system
  • Modernization, robotization, rationalization
  • Making distribution fairer
  • Regulating the super-rich
  • Stopping prestige investments
  • Minimizing the size of the social apparatus
  • Motivation of people

"Choose the middle way!"


"This is not just Hungary's problem."

Anyone who is sympathetic to our philanthropic meritocratic ideas should embrace the notion that most of the problems raised exist not only in Hungary, but in almost every country on Earth. We are aware that the countries aren't in the same economic and social condition, but our aim is to bring humanity slowly to a common ground, because ONLY TOGETHER CAN WE FACE THE CHALLENGES OF THE THIRD CENTURY, WHICH ARE SO VAST AND UNIMAGINABLE TO MANY.

Governments, it is safe to assert, don't provide their electorates with any clear vision of the future, they are virtually rowing aimlessly ahead into the mists of time, and then they will manage somehow. They try to improvise their way out of the problems that arise. Before the second term, the Hungarian government's ACTUAL, PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED election manifesto since 2010 was 1 single phrase: we will continue. This is the ultimate example of implausibility.What is even sadder is that there was and still is interest in this. Some of it is out of stupidity, some of it is out of profiteering. Despite all the propaganda, the country's economy and morale are in ruins, but thanks to a deliberately endlessly distorted electoral system and a publicly funded media of lackeys, they are still 'winning'.

"The politician is not a profession, but an organized criminal activity specialized in the exploitation and exclusion of others, causing particularly great financial loss and moral turpitude. Anyone who wants to break away from it is rendered untenable and in any case kept away from truly large-scale political activity."

"Level up, Humanity!"

The first step

The social, political and economic changes outlined below cannot be introduced all at once. There are a number of conditions which can only be met step by step. The first step is to get a two-thirds majority in government under the current rules. Otherwise, the plans will NOT be implemented, because of the current parties, which are against the interests of the people and lining their own pockets. The second step is to restore a legal situation that was far from perfect before the constitutional coup in 2010, but at least democratic, TOTALLY IGNORING the former politicians. This means that we do not want to see any member of the parties and governments in office since 1990 in the leadership or anywhere near politics. This is primarily to preserve social peace.

Then we must act quickly and effectively. We need to set up a government of real experts, operating not from bank loans, restore the legal system, restore constitutionality, arrest and bring to justice the criminals of the period since 2010. Beneficial family members, relatives and friends will not escape accountability.

Renouncing power for the public good

A peaceful transition therefore requires a temporary one-party parliamentary majority, because none of the other parties is interested in accountability and improving people's lives. The politics of the left and the right over the past decades has made this clearer than ever. These people were/are all concerned with their own enrichment. Stealing public money on an industrial scale, of course.

Fortunately, the founders of MMT are not politicians, but altruists, philanthropists. Within the bounds of common sense, of course.

We do NOT want to exercise power, we want to use the power temporarily in our hands to establish a just an constitutional system for the public good, balanced by political views. A system that all people concerned with peace and development in the 21st century expect. The new system will proceed in a very carefully controlled manner, completely excluding the possibility of the rise of autocracy by means of a constitutional coup, working for the common cause of humanity and, in particular, of the Hungarian people, based on a genuine consensus. In this sense, we do not expect you to change your views, only to support a three-pole, ever-balanced political structure. We will explain the details of this shortly.

Form of society (state)

The word "state" is generally avoided by us because of its very negative connotations. The "new" form of society of the country is Republic. Let us hope it will last.

Holding to account

One of the primary aims of the Hungarian Meritocratic Society is to ensure that all those involved in politics since 1990, regardless of party affiliation or creed, are held accountable, that ill-gotten wealth is returned to society and that abuses are punished with the appropriate severity. We believe that very serious and far-reaching action is needed.

Compensation for foreign currency borrowers

A huge problem in Hungary is the mass of people trapped in debt and unable to get out of it. It is probably impossible to compensate them completely, but we want to alleviate their problems by confiscating the movable and immovable property that has been illegally accumulated in the hands of politicians over the past years.

A special committee will be set up to deal with the problem.

Addressing deficiencies of human behavior

It is important to point out that meritocratic society must do its utmost to deconstruct negative human qualities, although we are aware that these are slow processes, often taking several generations. The key is to raise public schooling and education to an exceptionally high level, to recognize it as a special merit, to deepen social solidarity, to eliminate inequality of opportunity and to operate a responsible media. An important basic thesis of today's political parties is that there must always be antagonisms in society, there must always be interdependent strata of people, otherwise there is no one to antagonize. We MUST break with this practice as soon as possible, so that the people themselves finally recognize that they are being manipulated and led by the political cliques. It is always the most profound changes that are not imposed on others, but are achieved on their own.

"But do not let anything be taken from you."
"But don't let them abuse it!"
"But don't be naive!"
"Listen to others."
"But don't let your own voice be drowned out."

In the throes of modern liberalism and conservatism

In the countries of the world that are supposed to be democratic but are in fact controlled by mega-corporations, liberal and conservative forces are battling each other to see who gets closer to the "trough" every 4 years, but they are also VERY much in sync in their methods and goals of exploitation and power. As both have been degraded to extremes and the scales are indeed balanced when the pointer is in the middle, the Meritocrats, by cutting down the wildings of both and adding their own development centric methods, are trying to make Planet Earth more livable, lovable and just place, where people are not treated as a common tax-paying slave, but as an active, creative and enriching person, living and valued for the good of the community. In return, we'd like the citizen in question to abide by a minimum set of rules.

Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have taken rivalry to the point where they now see each other as enemies, which is far from healthy for a society. Both are forever clinging to their own views, not giving an inch to the other, and not even listening to them to even consider their claims.

They see themselves as unchallengeable and uncriticizable, and they are also utterly dismissive of constructive criticism. In Hungary this has reached a particularly pathological level in recent times.

To sum up, since both liberal democrats and conservatives are ultra-dogmatic about their own positions, with total rejection of the other side, it seems the most difficult thing possible to dissuade them from moving towards a consensus-based, broadly acceptable, genuinely just system.

"Get off your high horse, ladies and gentlemen! The lives, health, well-being and future of millions of people depend on you!"


The high level of crime is one of the most significant problems that holds the world hostage. We see little sign of it being eradicated, and rather feel that it is deliberately perpetuated so that politicians can fish more successfully in troubled waters. Many politicians are also directly involved in crime. Especially in Hungary.
However, MMT believes that a very high percentage of crime falls into the category of so-called 'petty crime', which is the result of people not being able to live off their salaries, having to spare every cent at the end of the month. Those who engage in a life of crime for pleasure or for some kind of thrill are only a few percent, meaning that much of this activity, which is very damaging to society, could be eliminated by ensuring people's livelihoods. A conditional basic income is one way of achieving this. More on this later.


Corruption is a special kind of crime that weakens society significantly, and more effectively than we might think, by deepening processes that are difficult to erase from the collective consciousness. For this reason, corruption is treated as a serious crime.
Lobbying is the legalization of corruption in systems that are considered democratic. In reality, it is nothing more than the exercise of power by economically powerful private interests over public interests, which in its current form is unacceptable.

Suppressing dynastic, oligarchic ambitions and nepotism

One of the breeding grounds for autocratic tendencies is the occasional emergence in society of power formations based on families, dynasties, or even on the circles of friends or comrades, which prey on the weak interest-advocacy segment of the population and continue to accumulate wealth, which they then use to gain ever stronger political power and thus plunge the whole society into a lethal spiral. See the case of Hungary since 2010, but the conditions before that weren't entirely perfect either.
In order to nip this in the bud, the following rules will apply:

  • Only 1 family member can work at the same public company or enterprise.
  • A person can hold only 1 society level public office (like a minister), but the number of non-society level public offices cannot exceed 3. (like a director of a museum) In addition, he must choose between the first and second option.
  • A society-level position cannot be inherited by a family member, even if the merit level of the successor would allow it.
  • A person may only carry out 1 supervisory task at a time
  • A person may only be entrusted with the supervision of a company or institution once in his/her lifetime
  • An individual can have a maximum of 5 companies, regardless of volume. (this number may be increased depending on merit points)
  • The number of activities of a company must not exceed 10 (this number can be increased by level of merit)
  • If, for example, a public procurement decision is to be made, the merit level of the company owner will be taken into account for the applicants, and the companies themselves will be given a merit level classification, which will facilitate the decision.
  • Certain strategic sectors, institutions or above a certain turnover (which is the case for the really big multinationals) can only operate under strict social supervision. Examples include the mining of raw materials, automotive, machinery, arms, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, civil aviation and space technology). See later.
  • The super-rich (with a combined wealth of over $10 million) are not allowed to participate in any elections, to fund associations, individuals, corporations, etc., active in the POLITICAL field, either through their companies, or with their own wealth, or under the guise of foundations, in order to circumvent the law.
  • As soon as someone uses his money to bribe lawmakers, his business, however large, is taken over by society and a decision is made later whether to continue the business or sell it to someone more deserving. Not to mention the police implications.
  • Accordingly, if someone tries to "split up" their assets of more than $10 million through legal tricks to circumvent the law limiting political influence, their entire assets are confiscated and they are also imprisoned.

The role of the media

We would like to push the media a little bit in the direction of providing, in addition to the very important entertainment, the very important information and education to the public in a future-oriented way. It is not, of course, a question of turning everyone into a nuclear physicist, but of imparting useful knowledge that can be used in everyday life by means of information and of minimizing the genres that are invented to fool people under the banner of entertainment. In addition, of course, they should promote a meritocratic society by contrasting the characterlessness and oppressive aspirations of autocrats, in a digestible but thought-provoking form. We want to curb the cult of undeserving celebrity celebrities. We want people on screen who are genuinely worth looking up to, who set a good example. We should not allow worthless, tawdry, demagogic genres to make up the bulk of programmes, otherwise we will accelerate the decline and primitivism of society. Reality TV is facing severe restrictions.

Idiocracy must be avoided at all costs.

The media have a huge responsibility. Note that the above problems exist in liberal and illiberal systems in exactly the same way.

We plan to have 1 public TV and radio channels. The private media will be prohibited from promoting autocratic material (the republican media will obviously not do so). The same will happen to media that try to make a living from the money of autocratic regimes. Documentaries or feature films that show any form of autocracy but do not promote it do not fall into this category.

Technological perspectives


Since we value technology and we want to put it to good use in the new social structure, you could call it that, but it sounds rather negative to people. Let's stick to the friendlier sounding philanthropic meritocracy. Within the bounds of common sense, of course, and without naivety.

It is important to see that the political structures in the world largely work according to the rules that have been invented for hundreds of years, or have been working for some time now, because time has passed them by. Many people are not even aware that there are fundamental problems that need to be addressed if there is to be any chance of positive change. One of the most important is that the organization of society does not keep pace with the development of technology, and when it does, fraudsters take advantage of it. See the manipulation of computerized systems in electoral systems.

We must keep up with the development of technologies and deal with their possible negative effects. Particular emphasis is placed on inventions designed to make everyday life easier, but also on innovation of all kinds in general. We will keep our eyes open to the world and introduce as soon as possible inventions and endeavours that promise efficiency, cheaper operation, better organization, as long as they do not harm the health of the population or diminish their rights. We will do our utmost to curb negative trends in all areas as far as we can. This applies in particular to the environment, health or social relations.

To achieve these objectives, we will maintain the closest possible contact with the public, because progress can only be made if we see them as partners and not as a milk cow, as is the case today.

The inevitability of robotization and automation

Many people are not aware of how advanced robotics is today. Within a few years, tens or even hundreds of thousands of people will become unemployed, because many jobs will be replaced by cheap, never-tiring, minimal-cost robots. The population and the economy must be prepared for this epochal change as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause huge problems. People will have to learn trades that are difficult or impossible to robotize. MMT specifically wants to start preparing for this era.

Drone technology at the service of citizens

People usually think of drones as military strike weapons or hobbyist camera systems, but they can be used in many aspects of everyday life. MMT would like to see a general, standard civil drone system where drones can do each other's jobs, or at least help each other out, and fly, take off and land in a coordinated way, preferably at night, so that their presence is less disturbing to people. Each residential area would have a dedicated drone landing platform, but we are not ruling out having them on the roofs or even windows of residential buildings.

Courier, postal mail and parcel delivery. They help you get your mail, small parcels, purchased goods and other items to their destination faster and with less risk of damage.

On-site coordination of first aid. The drone assistants can reach anyone in a city (even in Budapest in the middle of the busiest traffic) within 1-2 minutes, carrying life-saving equipment or medical supplies, and can give instructions to the surrounding people through a dispatcher on what to do until the ambulance arrives. As the technology develops, drones can also initiate first aid treatment themselves, such as essential wound care or resuscitation.

Tracing criminal offences. In many populated settlements, stationary police drones, blending into the environment, monitor public space. Their artificial intelligence is trained to recognise offenders in action and provide law enforcement with vital information until they are caught or tracked. Here, the accusation could be made that the state wants to monitor its ordinary citizens even more effectively. What can be said to that... if the above hasn't convinced you that MMT's goal is to create a peaceful, livable society with minimal crime, for the SAKE of the population, then you are a basket case and a hair splitter. See the list at the end of the document...

Border Guard. We want to use drone technology in the work of the border guard. It will help to track people arriving through the green border. They can keep an eye on several people at the same time, while the border guard are taking humane measures.

Managing the freed-up human workforce

A meritocratic society stands in good faith and benevolence to all, as long as one stands in benevolence to the meritocratic society. We strive for equal chance of opportunity, and not just at the level of words, but we won't be on good terms with those who abuse trust. Be a decent citizen, improve yourself and others, and all gates can open for you. It is really not just an empty slogan, because the malicious and oppressive beneficiaries of past regimes will be sidelined, so it is up to you to take it to the next level. Learning is free, so it shouldn't be a barrier. Truth be told, the standards are high, but all for the sake of knowledge having value. Develop yourself, develop others, be with your child, make him a happy and useful person.
Those who work will not have their lives changed, those on a basic income will have more time to do anything, but they cannot hold public office or vote by default. Those who work, because their time is more limited, will have priority in queuing at all public institutions and parking will be better facilitated for them.

The whole system is based on solidarity, community development and giving politicians and the super-rich a back seat, trying to effectively leave no one by the wayside, unlike our 'nice' current politicians. Nevertheless, it has to be admitted that balances have to be struck here and there, otherwise the darn scales could tip dangerously one way or the other.

Day nursery is not compulsory

Given the financial means of families and their worldview, kindergarten is only compulsory for a certain number of hours, so those who can can do so can spend more time with their children. In contrast, full-time primary school is compulsory so that children do not grow up to be antisocial, self-motivated individuals but community-minded people. Professionals look out for talents from an early age and tailor them to their individual needs. In kindergarten, the age groups come back. These institutions are free of charge.

Some people may ask why collective education is necessary. The reason is simple: humanity will not succeed in the 3rd millennium with individuals acting on their own. Common sense dictates that we need to think in terms of a community that helps, or at least does not hinder, each other, otherwise the country will fall hopelessly behind. Forest Schooling will become more common in schools, where possible, and Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology-enhanced curricula will also be given a big boost.

The dangers of human genetic engineering

Although genetic engineers say they are only scratching the surface, genetic engineering has already reached a very high level. This raises a number of concerns, because it is very easy to create a genetic caste system in which those with perfect genes are the elite and those with poor genes are the downtrodden, with no chance of breaking through. See the film Gattaca.

You have to be careful of autocrats in general, because they will ruthlessly use advances in technology to consolidate their own oppressive power without asking YOU. We can assure you that this is NOT what you want for your own well-understood benefit. MMT treats all genetic engineering companies as a priority, which means they are under constant surveillance.

The dangers of transhumanism

In all areas, technology is advancing spectacularly faster than people's thinking, so it's hard for them to keep up with so much. Transhumanism is definitely one of them. We are quite sceptical about it, because of the political implications.
There is already a transhumanist party in the United States, its leader happens to be of Hungarian origin, and although they have achieved modest results so far, time is probably in their favor.

In its current state, transhumanism seeks to extend human life as much as possible through medical science and genetic engineering. This is commendable, although its implications for population growth are not usually discussed. But we are concerned about the prospects. It is already possible to store digital data in genes! They can create artificial genes from scratch! Technological predictions predict that within 25-30 years the technology of digitally storing human consciousness and transferring it to clones will be fully realized and will really change human societies in a fundamental way, and we are not entirely convinced that it will be in a positive way. The operation in question would not be such a terrible problem in itself, long live eternal life, except that... first of all it will be available only to the rich for a long time, and imagine a time when repressive trans-human autocrats suck the blood of the people unremittingly. We believe that no sane, responsible thinking person would want that. If anyone were to engage in such a thing in our country, they would be under scrutiny.

Distribution of wealth

The gross disproportionality of the current distribution of wealth

HALF of the world's wealth is owned by 1% of the global population. It is easy to see that this is one of the biggest problems in the world. Let's take a theoretical statement to illustrate the situation: if the world's almost 8 billion inhabitants were equally distributed the existing wealth, everyone would have a decent home, a car and would lack virtually nothing.

From this gross disproportionality, it can be inferred that if we strive to equalize the proportions, many problems will automatically be solved. Of course, this is NOT in the interest of a lot of people, including most politicians. Very much not so. They have based their own and their families' livelihoods on it. And their relatives. And the families of their relatives.

It is important that ordinary people are aware of this and do something about it. Many people believe that they are too small to bring about change, which is true in the sense that they really cannot do anything on their own. On the other hand, if they get together, practically ANYTHING can be done, so it all depends on the will of the people.

Let's stay down to earth, of course. It may be perfectly obvious to anyone that wealth cannot be distributed in a completely equal way, but there is no need to do so. And certainly not on the basis of how loyal one is to a single party, as is typical of communism and its imitations (and here at home, in case you hadn't noticed).
Nor should it be a measure of who has how much money. Money can be earned through work, and it can also be stolen from others.

Merit, on the other hand, is something that only comes with positive things. If, for example, it were a measure of who gets more, we would live in a more normal world.

It is essential that we step out of the black boxes into which we are forced by the propaganda of both sides, as soon as we can.

Introduction to the voting system

In a meritocracy, the option to vote is not trivial, it is not a "right" thrown at you and then traded like a sack of potatoes, it is linked to a kind of license. You can't drive a car without one either, because it would be dangerous to yourself and the public as well. Restriction in the public interest is in the common interest of all of us, and before anyone raises too many eyebrows at this, in the direct voting system of meritocracy, as opposed to representative democracy, the vote provides real, precious value, real decision-making power and therefore also requires enormous responsibility. It is precisely for these reasons that the new framework is absolutely necessary. We will come to this in more detail shortly, showing that this is the one and only way in which the paradigm shift can work, but it is also the only way in which real representation can be achieved with unprecedented effectiveness.

Conditional basic income

Every citizen of the Republic is entitled to a basic income that provides a decent living. The condition is that his voting capacity is more limited than that of workers or taxpayers.

If a person claims the basic income as a homeless, he or she must undertake to move into accommodation that provides a normal standard of living provided by society. This will hopefully enable you to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

In principle, therefore, people on basic income cannot take part in the votes that decide the fate of a country or an institution, but this can be overridden by merit level. One of the first conditions for lifting the restriction is that the person must not be living on a basic income. We believe that the future of a country is best determined by those who are willing to do so and who produce something of value.

The ability of people not claiming a basic income to vote is limited by:

Lack of literacy skills. Those who cannot read and write CANNOT vote until this condition is changed. It is one of the ridiculous 'achievements' of liberal democracy that illiterate people can vote on issues that affect the fate of the country. This is unacceptable, and common sense makes it easy to see why.

Level of merit. On some issues, you can only vote with a certain level of merit.
Lack of expertise. Only those with expertise can vote on issues affecting certain areas of expertise.

If a person works on top of a basic income, he or she will be treated in the same way as if he or she were living on a basic income. There is no merit point gain or voting ability.

Liberal democrats obviously instinctively scream that not everyone can vote by default. If you throw off the glasses of the superficial observer and open your eyes wider, the forward thinking system actually limits politicians to gain political capital and rule over the easily manipulatable masses of people. Practical liberal democracy shows that the HYPOCRITICAL parties invariably adopt and apply this approach. Yes, liberals too, leftists too. Very much so. Hiding behind human rights slogans.

Every 4 years, the current non-respectable politicians, put all their energy into promising and lying like there's no tomorrow, but once they are voted in, the voter is forgotten the next day. So much for a system sugar-coated with lofty slogans, which currently serves the interests of a narrow, self-proclaimed elite of less than 5%.

MMT's preferred solution is entirely and encouragingly open to those who want to and can make responsible choices, i.e. excluding the unfortunate effects of so-called particracy, it is JUST THE OPPOSITE of what some try to make it out to be. Moreover, by drastically raising the quality of the education system, the system explicitly promotes the existence of these people in society and their participation in the political life of the country, thereby automatically preventing the spread of autocratic principles and attempts to siphon off public funds.

Basically, the only difference is that you should be a community-minded citizen, DO something, earn the right to vote for your fellow citizens and your own future. NO ONE IS PREVENTING YOU FROM DOING SO! Really. In fact, we encourage you to do it.

Rise to the occasion!

Some very positive benefits of a basic income are that families have incomparably more time for child-rearing, self-improvement, health maintenance and so on, which in the long run benefits society as a whole and, slowly but surely, helps to weed out undesirable human traits.

Being super-rich is not a merit,

...just a state of being. It may be meritorious for you, but not for the public interest. It's not the more money you earn that gives you more merit, it's the use of that money for public benefit. So you can be super-rich for example, but you have absolutely NO say in decisions, so you are unable to manipulate the world with your money in the way you would like. That is, if that's what you're thinking about. In fact, you can even get merit penalty in proportion to your super-richness, if you don't use your money for public purposes. One of the main aims of a philanthropic meritocracy is to ensure that a so-called ruling class never emerges, which uses its wealth to oppress a large part of the population and impede their ability to assert their interests. Accordingly, those with a certain amount of wealth are constantly monitored by the watchful eye of society. It is essential that their activities are transparent.

If you want to be super-rich, live the high life and all that, you can do it. You can buy 20 houses and 50 sports cars and 5 airplanes, it's your business if you can maintain them and pay taxes on it. But you don't have a say in the fate of the country. The more super-rich you are, the less you can.
As soon as you want to affect the governance of society as a super-rich person, you have to give up a significant part of your wealth for the benefit of the public. Besides, if you use your wealth to dismantle the existing peaceful, just and humane system, you are committing a crime with all its negative implications.

Did you inherit a few billion from your parents? No problem. Live your life as you see fit. But you have NO say in politics, unless you descend from the clouds and enter the world of ordinary people.

A key feature of the UK Meritocracy Party is the 100% inheritance tax on billionaires. This means that above a certain amount, all theoretically inherited money and other wealth goes to society to be used for public purposes. Our solution is a sign of the benevolence of the meritocratic approach, because we accept that some people are motivated by money and operate in an industry where large amounts of money are flying around, but the owner is a philanthropic person, free of power mania. Well then, if you abuse the goodwill of the meritocratic society, all your wealth goes to society, and you can start living the life of the common man. You might even go to jail. Let us abide by the rules that protect the public interest, if you can help it. This means that above a certain amount, all theoretically inherited money and other wealth goes to society to be used for public purposes. Our solution is a sign of the benevolence of the meritocratic approach, because we accept that some people are motivated by money and operate in an industry where large amounts of money are flying around, but the owner is a philanthropic person, free of power mania. Well then, if you abuse the goodwill of the meritocratic society, all your wealth goes to society, and you can start living the life of the common man. You might even go to jail. Let us abide by the rules that protect the public interest, if you can help it. You might even go to jail. Let us abide by the rules that protect the public interest, "if we please".

Merit system


The social system promoted by MMT provides an incentive to all law-abiding members of society who do not seek to dominate. One way or the other. We know that not everyone has the same goals in life, or the same ways of achieving them, but we hope that the vast majority of society will find their way without feeling oppressed. Society has a responsibility to its citizens, but it is important that this is reciprocal, otherwise it will not work effectively.

Civil rights

Everything that liberal democracy provides (free speech, assembly, freedom of religion, individual liberty, equality before the law, free thought, freedom of conscience, sexual freedom, freedom of lifestyle, private property) except voting, which is tied to literacy and merit as mentioned above. If one cannot read and/or write, one can learn to do so in the free courses offered by the Meritocratic Society. The merit level can be achieved by anyone on their own and without money. The society gives all the support and encouragement to do so. People on basic income cannot vote, although their merit level may override this on some issues, people on pensions cannot vote basically, but they can typically gain enough merit through non-physical social work to still be able to vote. This is recognition of what is called life experience.

Some restrictions on voting are introduced to prevent the electoral system from being hijacked for political ends. The latest very fine example of this is Brexit (Britain's exit from the EU). The achievement of democracy has over the years become its own skeleton in the closet. A merit-based electoral system is in the long-term interests of the population, the nation and even the planet as a whole.

  • Free internet up to 10 Mbps for ALL.
  • Free monthly multivitamin for those on a basic income.
  • Free contraception for people on basic income.

The last two are arranged so that they are not tradable for material goods, e.g. you have to visit a place to use the service.

Right to die. This means that anyone who, because of an unsalvageable medical condition, prefers a quick death, the law does not place administrative or ideological barriers in their way. This is active euthanasia.

Civil obligations

There isn't many. Don't commit crimes, follow the limited number of rules (beware of breaking the regulations) and especially don't litter or damage the environment. That's pretty much it. In general, treat others as you would expect to be treated.

Merit test?

The question mark is not accidental. Unlike in some countries where meritocratic solutions already exist, we will NOT have regular tests where you have to constantly prove that you are worthy of anything. (especially since it's pretty easy to get away with it via good old corruption.) Instead, you can prove your worth by your daily actions. It's a lot harder to smooth things like that.

In many places, meritocracy is defined as the rule of the intelligent, but MMT doesn't dwell on that. There are many human qualities that in themselves make a person worthwhile and useful without being particularly skilled or conspicuously clever. We approach this question in such a way that the society that is to be created in the near future, which is considered to be quite ideal, is not a playground for some fetishistic snobbish elite of IQ tests, but a stable system that is acceptable to a wide range of people for various reasons, that reeks of corruption as little as possible, that offers a clear vision and a secure livelihood, that puts the common interests of humanity first and that functions as a peaceful social system, setting an example for other countries on the planet.

Earning merit points

Not compulsory, but useful if you want to vote on an important issue or hold a social position, for example. Without it, you CANNOT do either. It is a real objective measure of what you have done for society and what it gives you in return. It is electronically recorded, hacking it is a serious crime.

Some examples of how to earn merit points:

  • School education certificate
  • Completed courses
  • Training of others
  • Language exam
  • Real work experience
  • Social work (this is the most common category)
  • Sports performance
  • Artistic achievement
  • Research achievement
  • Innovation
  • Localization of foreign innovation
  • Participation in elections (another easily achievable category)
  • Enhancing the country's reputation
  • Acting heroically in a crisis situation
  • Further development of the meritocratic social model

A week of military training

Once a year, for both sexes up to the age of 60, in a camp setting. This is not an endurance test, not brainwashing, but weapons training, first aid, tactics, survival, cooperation with the military and law enforcement forces and the like. Much of this can be used in everyday life. Not doing so does not result in loss of merit or any negative consequences, but participation is worthwhile. The date can be chosen by the citizen.

For example, it is envisaged that it will be possible to apply for social work through an office, where the work done will be counted and objectively evaluated. If the work requires raw materials, the costs will always be covered by society, but you can find out about this at the time of the call for applications, because the work will be advertised in advance. As we see it today, the enforcement of the changes regarding a person's merit level would be a municipal responsibility, but it is very possible that we could also use artificial intelligence.

Losing merit points

A massive loss of merit points can be earned if a crime is committed. In the case of an offence, a merit point reduction will be imposed as a penalty in addition to the fine.


The smart person is the immune system of the normal social structure against the development of despotism. The highly educated strata of the population are the greatest enemies of autocrats. The smarter a society is, the harder it is to mislead them with all sorts of rhetoric, the less the ideas of those who seek autocracy take root. This can be achieved by raising the level of education to a particularly high level, which at the same time prepares citizens for more skilled jobs that cannot be replaced, or only partially replaced, by robots.

We want to introduce fun-based education, where learning is not a burden but a joyful activity.

Of course, like many other things, it is not compulsory (except primary school), but with higher education you can accumulate many more merit points, which can give you more prestige and more rights to public office. Schools are run by local authorities and can also be run by private schools. Churches are not allowed to run publicly-funded schools, and existing schools are transferred to the municipalities. This should be enshrined in the constitution.
Education funded by society is free at all levels, but the requirements are significantly increased.


Printing and reprinting textbooks costs a lot of money, and the information they contain is often not up-to-date enough, or they even contain errors. The wood used for paper is also better left in the forest. In the spirit of modernization, all pupils are provided with a tablet on which all existing school material is directly accessible online. Not only is it much cheaper, but the information is up to date and the children are not carrying around a giant schoolbag, which means their spines stay healthy.

Teaching useful things

The Prussian education system will be thrown in the bin. It was a pointless waste of time decades ago. Teaching will provide a body of knowledge that anyone, anywhere can use, among many other things, financial, organizational, computer skills, plus the question of how to support a family, and teaching everything in a way that makes the student see what purpose it has in life. This is a way of raising awareness of certain subjects. The teaching of handwriting will not disappear. The teaching of traditional humane studies will avoid superficial mass of data and dates and instead focus on historical, political, economic, philosophical and artistic context in an easily understandable form. Real subjects will teach basic knowledge, because that is all the average person needs. However...

Selecting talents

...schools will pay great attention to selecting children interested in certain fields of study and providing them with higher, more targeted education in specific groups, and to promoting scientific disciplines without trying to impose them on everyone.

Learning and educating others is a merit.

"Your children shouldn't be protected from the difficulties of life, but empowered to overcome them."

Language training

Although technology has made language barriers less of a problem than they were a decade ago, we still find language skills useful. We would like to see more schools (or classes) teaching foreign languages and to extend this practice to primary schools and even kindergartens.

Language preservation

Our plan is to have an office where you can send in any sign, any banner you want to design, and the professionals in the office will send back the correct version. In this way, we want to reduce the number of glaring errors in public spaces and indirectly teach the public to spell. The service is free of charge.

The effort to protect language is a display of merit.

Prehistory research

History, especially the ancient past, is full of ambiguities, which the political powers that be twist and turn to suit their interests of the moment. We would like to see an institution of genuine experts, free of ideology, which deals with this subject officially and effectively.


It is important to clarify the concepts of faith, religion and church. Faith is the manifestation of an individual's world view, which can be traced back to a supernatural being, religion is an organised activity exploiting the faith of human individuals, and the church is a political and often commercial enterprise, often elevated to the level of the state, which profits from religion. One of MMT's primary agenda points is to deprive ALL churches of social support and to expect them to be self-sufficient. This has a moratorium of one year after the rule goes into effect, meaning they have one year to secure their financial cover. We are ending the practice of a ideologically based organization being publicly funded by society.

Churches will be under the jurisdiction of the municipality. It is now FORBIDDEN to conduct political agitation in churches. Where this happens, the priest concerned will be suspended.

Meritocrats' pro-human values promote the view that people should trust in their own abilities, knowledge, perseverance and the all-pervading, constructive power of human communities.

Energy production

One of the most important technological foundations of modern philanthropic meritocracy is that society should not be short of energy, or even be able to sell surplus energy, and should not blackmail its citizens with energy (either). The primary means of doing this is to switch the WHOLE energy system to renewable energy as soon as possible, and in doing so to firmly disregard ANY and ALL utilitarian private interests. The philanthropic meritocratic society is making a huge effort to make people's homes run on renewable energy and is placing great emphasis on developing the technology to do so. We will phase out nuclear power generation as soon as possible and concentrate all our scientific capacity on the efficient and cheap development and use of fusion energy. We want to increase the use of solar panels to a level where even road surfaces can produce solar energy. The technical conditions for this are already in place today.

A further advantage of local energy production is that there is nothing to launch a terrorist attack against, so there is no collapse of the energy grid, which could very easily paralyze the country. Another big advantage is that it does not create a monopoly for any energy producing company.

Civil Transport

Promoting electric cars

Electric cars need to be made affordable, and the infrastructure urgently needs to be boosted. Hungarian car imports should be converted to electric cars as quickly as possible.

One can gain lots of merits from facilitating this!

All public transport vehicles and taxis must be REQUIRED to be electrified and electrically powered transport must be advertised on them.

As electric vehicles gain ground, we are slowly but steadily phasing out fossil fuel vehicles. In this process, only the public interest prevails over any private interest. This does not mean that we are obliging the citizen to replace them, but that manufacturers are no longer allowed to sell new cars of this type.

The aim is to switch to self-driving cars, but not at a fast pace, whereas we want to make road freight transport self-driving as soon as possible.
Motorcycles with internal combustion engines, which are now obsolete, can stay on the road longer than cars.

The Transport Code will be modernized and adapted to the 3rd millennium. As we enter the era of self-driving vehicles, this is essential.

Public health care

The so-called health business has grown to alarming proportions in the world, affecting society right up to the governmental level and hindering both development and the creation of healthy populations. Everything has been subordinated to money and horrendous sums of capital are being siphoned off from people who quite understandably want to stay healthy.
Happiness is a basic need of every human being. Health is a very important factor in happiness. MMT's important goal is to make the population truly healthier. To achieve this, we place great emphasis on PREVENTING disease. The technical progress of mankind has reached the stage where health assessment can be automated. This is necessary not only for smooth administration but also to avoid abuse. In addition, it is advisable to attend the annual check-up, where we can get an idea of our own health status and the irreplaceable artificial assistant can raise us to a higher level of merit if it finds our health satisfactory. Smoking, alcohol, drugs and obesity are barriers. The test is free of charge.

Health professionals can expect to be paid more than before and their work will count more prominently in the merit assessment.

Giving and accepting gratuities will also be subject to prosecution.

"Prevention is cheaper than cure!"

Termination of Pregnancy

MMT does not encourage anyone to have an abortion, nor does it place administrative, ideological or any other kind of obstacle in the way. Women decide for themselves on all similar issues concerning their "bodies" (e.g. artificial sterilization). They do not need anyone's verbal or written permission, they do not have to go before a committee, but it is advisable to discuss the details with a specialist.

Family support

Every citizen has the right to have children, but society will only support a family financially if the parent or parents have the means to do so and are engaged in real, value-creating work. At the same time, we would like to see a sense of responsibility attached to having children. Those who are unable to support their children can easily lead both themselves and their offspring into a life of crime, with serious consequences, so please use your head before you become inconsiderate. Society provides free contraception to all those on basic income who need it.
Since value-added work is a merit, workers who do not claim basic income can more easily get social assistance.


By providing a basic income, the ideal meritocratic society has no unemployment. Anyone who is not working, or is not officially supported by anyone and does not claim basic income, is assumed by default to be supporting themselves through crime and will be treated accordingly.

In terms of voting, anyone who is dependent will be treated in the same way as if they were on a basic income.

Social Subsidy

The basic purpose of social subsidy is to help our fellow human beings in temporary difficulties, because that is what solidarity is all about. When this aid goes on for decades, something is very wrong. It is not solving any problems, in fact, in most cases, it is exacerbating the problems that made the aid necessary and may even lead to new, unforeseen problems. The provision of aid to large sections of the population, thereby completely and hopelessly distorting the world view of entire generations, their attitude to work, to the reward for work and to society as a whole in general, is not in the public interest at all.
The present form of subsidy is a counterproductive act born of a serious political compulsion. More precisely, it is an implement to establish long-term dependency and vote-buying. It is typical politician-thinking, typical of representatives of both sides.

What is needed is real and comprehensive catching-up and equal chance of opportunity, excluding discrimination, instead of subsidy.

"Hungry people should not be given fish, because it will only fill their bellies for a day, but a net to feed themselves for the rest of their lives."


One of MMT's priorities is to eliminate homelessness as soon as possible by renovating unused building complexes and to reintegrate homeless people into society by providing them with a basic income.

Helping the homeless is a merit and hopefully will soon put an end to this sad category.

Women's equality

Women have full equality with men in everything. They must be paid the same as men everywhere for the same work. Male chauvinism is an intolerable activity. Women have no priority in dealing with family or legal problems, only common sense laws prevail.

Men's equality

Men have full equality with women in everything. Feminism is not a tolerated activity. Men do not take precedence in dealing with family or legal issues, only common sense laws prevail.


Child abuse is a persecutable practice. So is child labour. Have liberal democracies prevented giant multinationals from cutting costs by using child labour in the Far East? No. It fit neatly into their world view. It does not fit ours, so it is a criminal practice.

MMT puts more emphasis on social care children to make them feel like full citizens and to help them integrate into everyday life.

Pedophilia is a capital crime that cannot be relativized on any grounds.

The protection of children is an act of merit.


The elderly are usually treated by governments as valuable as long as they get their vote, then they are ignored for 4 years. We want to treat them as respected citizens. That is why we want centers where the elderly can have fun with their peers, or even train themselves for the modern world, or find a partner for the rest of their lives. They can also help them to cope with the loneliness that some of them suffer from. These centers also provide information and guidance on the interests of the elderly and address their health problems.

Helping older people is a merit.

Disabled people

From now on, no new public building can be built without ensuring unimpeded access for people with reduced mobility. Disabled people should not be discriminated against simply because of their disability, for example when looking for a job.

Same-sex relationships

Let's get off this subject. Everyone over 18 loves who they want, lives with who they want. Same-sex couples can adopt a child if they both have the necessary level of merit to do so.

Retirement pension

The pension is equivalent to the basic income at any given time. It differs from a basic income in that pensioners can vote on matters restricted to ordinary basic income earners up to the age of 80 in recognition of their life experience, provided they have acquired a sufficient level of merit through social work, typically of a non-physical nature. The higher-rate pension will be abolished, so all those entitled will receive the same pension. There are no privileges. The system is introduced to avoid the electoral anomalies that are unfortunately so characteristic of democracy. It is relatively easy for those who are politically aware citizens in their old age to acquire the necessary points of merit for voting, but we want to avoid a situation where a large mass of people can be easily and quickly influenced by all kinds of media manipulation, which totally distorts the result of voting.

Elderly people who have a regular income or accumulated wealth above a certain level (the value is decided by experts) are not entitled to a pension.


We let everyone live in the family they think is best for them. Respecting the law, of course. We do not discriminate against anyone according to their idea of family. We do not propagate marriage, we do not favour it in any form, we do not subject it to any social disadvantage. We see it as an old tradition, nothing more, nothing less. But if you want to live in a marriage, you should be content with one husband and one wife, whatever their sex.

Luring back the expatriates

One of the greatest crimes of the Orbán government is that it has driven away more than 1 million able-bodied Hungarian citizens because they were unable to find their place in the ever-increasing oppression. Most of them have no plans to come home, but we are trying to do the impossible. Meritocratic society needs our compatriots who know their trade. The goal is a liveable, lovable Hungary that everyone can be proud of.

The drugs issue

"We've been at war with drugs for decades and we've lost," A US police officer said recently. Unfortunately, he is right. Total prohibition breeds defiance, resistance and only serves to fuel the drug cartels. It has effectively kept the hardest core of criminals alive. A much more effective way of doing this is through legalization and strict control. Not only does this reduce drug use, but it also reduces drug trafficking. As has happened in practice in some US states. It is important to add that, as with all mental health problems, the dispiriting medium, in this case hopeless, depressed lives, must be turned in a more cheerful direction. Iceland, for example, provides a very good practical example of this.


In order to protect people's health, smoking is now also banned in public places, i.e. only at home or outside settlements, but care must be taken not to disturb others. Tobacco products will be subject to an additional penalty tax. The ban has a grace period of 1 month. By the way, smoking, and of course alcohol consumption, is present for the same reason as drug use, so the problem needs to be tackled in the same way.

Positive discrimination?

There will be no such thing. Everyone starts on an equal footing. Let your ability and willpower decide what you get. If you can't do something, don't do it. That's true for everything. There must be something you are very good at, build on it. One of the major flaws of liberalism is that it ideologically privileges mediocrity, and one of the major flaws of conservatism is that it also ideologically disadvantages certain people. The aim of a meritocratic society is to reduce the number of natural and artificial disadvantages as society develops, precisely through the positive effects of the way society works.

Negative discrimination?

There will absolutely be no such thing. It is the brainchild of conservatives who believe that some people are born privileged and deserving of certain things. They usually think of themselves. They look down on certain groups in society with contempt, based on a plethora of prejudices. This attitude is often associated with racism, which Meritocratic society does not cultivate. There is one yardstick for all this: your merits in your own right.

"It is an important principle that every child born should have an equal start on life's bumpy road."

Citizens' motivation

An unconditional basic income produces unmotivated masses of people, which is not healthy for society in the long run. This lack of motivation is reflected in many aspects of people's will to live and their tendency to depression and crime. It is a mutually beneficial contract between society and the citizen.

The charge: caste system

Some might argue that meritocracy is a kind of caste system that pigeonholes people. These accusers generously overlook the fact that caste confers on people birthright rights without any real merit, of course manifoldly which inherently increases inequalities, both in wealth and social status. This is in stark contrast to the foundations of meritocracy, where the influence of money on politics is severely limited and individuals are 'rewarded' on the basis of merit in their own right. It should be noted, therefore, that the meritocracy envisioned by MMT does not punish for the absence of something, but rewards for the presence of something.

This accusation is an exercise in futility.

Environment, nature protection

MMT places a high priority on protecting the environment, as we lease it from our grandchildren. The protection of the environment is exclusively in the public interest, with private interests being secondary in all respects. Polluters of the environment, illegal dumpers, will be effectively and severely punished by law. We also plan to limit the expansion of inhabited areas; instead, it will be possible to expand upwards or downwards. In any case, we want to put the garages underground.

In the spirit of robotization, we also want to see robots collecting litter in the streets and squares. These will work around the clock to clean the streets of any dirt, rubbish, dog waste and provide visual information to help the authorities to deal with litterers.

Protecting the environment and nature is an act of merit!

Voluntary tree planting is also a merit, for which society provides the raw material.

Animal welfare

Torturing animals is treated in exactly the same way as torturing humans. Keeping animals is a responsible activity.

The hunting of animals for sport is banned! Those who cannot live without hunting can participate in annual game thinning organized by game management organizations.

The protection of animals is a merit! Especially animals declared endangered! The destruction of endangered animals is a criminal offence.

"Political Parties"

We envisage the end of the classical party system, the so-called party democracy. Not in the way the Bolsheviks imagine it, where they are alone and the others are ignored, but in a more sophisticated way.

Decisions affecting the country must be taken not along party lines, but along the lines of higher interests, and with the help of a politically aware section of the population. Decades, even centuries, of entrenched party politics that is not in the public interest have shown all its perversity and negative impact on society. Hungary is a particularly good example of how an entire nation has been subjugated to ugly party political battles.

The state of technology finally allows citizens to decide their own future in the most flexible way possible, without being easily influenced by cliques of all kinds. The people's voice is finally truly being accounted for in the governance of the country. Every press of a button is a referendum. Without any exaggeration.

A system has developed in the world whereby two monolithic blocks are always competing with each other. Left and right, Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, to name but a few examples. Everyone knows the situation, but it is extremely manipulatable. There is a reason why no one touches it, it serves the partocracy well. The solution is the three poles. This reduces the possibility of manipulation and the possibility of power politics, of swinging back and forth every 4 years.

Instead of parties, three pre-defined national political circles can be joined. They are called "in a quite populous way" Left (red), Right (blue) and Center (green). Joining a political circle is in fact a responsible decision on the part of the citizen entitled to vote. It is registered and it is not easy to change it. There are no party leaders, you line up behind a political view and take responsibility for it. Naturally, this is NOT compulsory. There is practically nothing compulsory in this system except to not to commit crimes and to not pollute your environment!

If you want to switch to another circle, you cannot participate in any voting for 1 year, but you can cancel the change at any time during the process and everything will remain the same, but if you want to start again, there is a waiting period of 1 year.

Any Circle can only be joined by reaching a certain level of Merit or age. The ability to read and write is a basic requirement. Membership of Circles is centrally registered to avoid fraud. Any tampering with them is a serious offence, although hopefully very cumbersome, as each eligible voter has to be sought out individually or, if there is a mass attempt to influence them, there is a fairly visible trail. Not to mention the direct hacking of the technical system. The primary task of the delegate supervisors, elected jointly by the circles, is to ensure the integrity of the electronic ballot.
In order to participate in the election of the Delegate, one must be a member of a circle. However, for an ordinary citizen of merits, not living on a basic income, can vote on the issues put together by the Delegate.

As you can see, pluralism is being implemented in the most transparent way possible and the real interests of the COUNTRY or an INSTITUTION can finally be put at the forefront instead of party interests.
The current parties can just stay if they want to (self-sufficient of course), they just have to regroup according to the new system. An evenly distributed structure of political circles is the only guarantee that the public life of a country cannot be easily overturned.

The super-rich CANNOT be members of any of these circles, and cannot vote on anything, i.e. they are excluded from politics. If someone uses their money to try to make this inoperable or circumvent it, or to pay people to vote for the person they favor, or to fund political advertising to spread their views, they are committing a crime. This usually results in total loss of merit rating and confiscation of property.

Electoral, legislative system

Although the electoral system of a parliamentary democracy seems almost perfect, practice shows that private interests, lobby interests, corporate interests, party interests and who knows what else grossly influence the decisions of those in decision-making positions who claim to be sovereign. Not to mention the common, direct electoral fraud.

The very existence of the Party List Voting System proves that there is no actual democracy in elections. List voting allows people to enter parliament who would otherwise never be able to do so in their own right.

In order to avoid such anomalies, ANY citizen with a certain merit rating can decide on issues affecting the country, if they are over 18 years of age, by voting with their own communication device. The only way around this is by hacking, but this automatically falls into the category of a criminal offence, with all the serious consequences that entails.

The questions submitted for election are drawn up by the Delegate delegated by the Circles. Delegates aged 25 and over but under 65, driven by personal ambition, will go through the selection process of the Circles, where they will be drawn by lot from a pair (men and women separately) on a straight elimination system based on the votes cast by the members of the respective Circle until the winners of the final round become members of the "Delegatus". This is how the Delegates to replace the former Parliament are selected, with 50 men and 50 women from each of the three political parties. This number may even be reduced to facilitate a more effective, argument-based debate. The most qualified and the most popular representative of the given political view will be elected. Candidates can promote themselves for election according to the guidelines of an electoral code of ethics. ONLY 1 person per kindred, may stand for election. This rule applies STRICTLY to ALL other electoral procedures as well. In order to weaken the lure of public money, a delegate can only be a member under a certain level of wealth. This wealth level will be defined later.

The legislation will take place on the basis of questions drawn up by the Delegates, then the voting segment of the population will decide with its communicator.

A simple majority is required for general issues, and a two-thirds majority for strategic issues. On certain issues of specialization, it is not enough to have the right merit, but one needs expertise.

Once every six months, a delegate may initiate a vote of no confidence against another delegate.

We want to ensure that the 'democratic' or now meritocratic electoral and legislative system is not a battle of party intrigue and that the system cannot be made a mockery of, but that the will of the majority and skill prevail at the same time. We also want it not to be the case that if someone wins the election they feel empowered to steal big money for 4 years.

Personal Electronic Decision Making (PED) is the fairest, most proportional, cheapest and least influenced system ever devised for running elections and legislation.

This electoral system cannot be hacked with empty promises, potatoes and firewood, or even with millions of dollars in pockets, as the white-collar political criminals are doing in large numbers these days.

Participating in elections ensues increased merit rating.

"The word "idiot" comes from the Greek noun ἰδιώτης idiōtēs 'a private person, individual' (as opposed to the state), 'a private citizen' (as opposed to someone with a political office), 'a common man', 'a person lacking professional skill, layman', later 'unskilled', 'ignorant', derived from the adjective ἴδιος idios 'personal' (not public, not shared). This has been taken over by the various languages."

"Parliament", also known as the Delegate

As there are no parties, there is no parliament or government in the usual sense. The Delegate elected in the previous point (which is effectively the equivalent of a parliament) has two functions:
to appoint, on the basis of expertise, the technical team that will develop and manage the country's online decision-making system. They also have an insight into each other's work so that fraud can hopefully be completely ruled out. The delegates of the three circles will choose an equal number of professionals, but here the gender balance is no longer required to be equal.

As a result of joint work/discussions, they will formulate the questions to be put to the vote and communicate with the Constitutional Court, and may also take into account suggestions from the public through an online system.

Delegates must be confirmed or replaced every six months. Confirmation is a matter of a national vote, judged on the basis of the person's activity and public role. If he or she loses confidence, someone of the same sex can be voted in under the previous rules. In the event of death, the same procedure applies by analogy. The mandate expires after four terms and the person in question may never hold this position again.

The Hungarian Parliament building ceases to serve any function and becomes a mere landmark. The Parliament building will be replaced by a much simpler and cheaper to maintain building to house the work of the Delegate. The anachronistic Parliamentary Guard will also disappear. Members of the Delegation will NOT receive ANY compensation for their expenses. The institution of Parliamentary Immunity will be abolished, all delegates will be treated exactly the same as any other citizen. No official housing, car or other allowances will be paid in addition to their work. The existing service vehicles and housing will be sold by society and the goods will be rolled into the infrastructure of the new system. Delegate members use their own means of transportation and are entitled to bear arms on the basis of merit.

Prime Minister

Since there is no government in practice, the head of government as such is hardly necessary, i.e. he will be elected primarily for public public appearance, by the Delegates. The office is called President. This mandate is for six months. After that it must be replaced. The office can no longer be held by him or by any person of his kinship.

Executive body

Obviously, the issues that are decided and the objectives that are set need to be put into practice. This small group is made up of members of the Delegate and rotates every six months. An important change of view is that these people do not exercise power but run a country.

Perspectives for governance

In the past, the parties that came to power worked hard to shape the destiny of the country according to their own world and political views for 4 years. If they were lucky, they could continue for another 4 years, but usually what actually happens is the plain change of seats or a constitutional coup. Like in Hungary. But if everything went according to the rules and they lost, then the other side came in, and for another 4 years they often did the opposite of what had been done before. It was never the public interest that prevailed, but the entrenchment of power. It will be good to break with this practice now. The MMT system creates a situation where the public interest is prevailed through an effective sieve of different political views.

How do you appoint experts to every position?

It would work in a very simple and very fair way, which is already happening in Western Europe, so it's not even a particularly far-fetched idea.

The selection would be based on the principle of blind audition. The questions and tasks for the applications would be drawn up by proven experts and could only be used if at least two thirds of them agreed. If a merit system were already in place, it would also play a role, both in the formulation of questions and in the selection of candidates.

Candidates can apply for a position anonymously, so neither their name, origin nor appearance is known. The requirements are high and strict. The applicants progress nicely through the tests, narrowing the field down to the person who does best. If they need to be able to speak to do the job, they have to be made to speak, but still not be allowed to know who they are, where they come from and what they look like. Undoubtedly, gender will be revealed in this way, but it is a basic meritocratic tenet that there is no discrimination between men and women in any area.

With this method, the most suitable person will always be selected for the job with almost 100% efficiency.

This is how public sector managers would get their jobs, but it should be brought to most levels of society as soon as possible. What is also good about this system is that it is not dependent on qualifications, but presumes real knowledge, i.e. TRUE MERIT, REAL VALUE, does not lie in certificates, but in usable knowledge and helpfulness. Since at the moment, selection is often a judgement by appearance, this system would significantly improve the quality of the people who perform the tasks.

People are always whining about how the world is always about connections, money and sneakiness. Well, here's a system that tries to resolve that.


Ministries are organized along similar lines to the Delegatus. The Circles delegate an equal number of experts who jointly manage the life of the area. The ratio of men to women is also 50-50%. Non-professionals cannot be members of the ministry's decision-making team. The ministry delegates compile the issues of public concern, which are voted on or rejected by members of the Circles with the appropriate level of merit, using the online system already in place.

Constitutional Court

The constitutional court in a meritocracy also operates according to the established rules of liberal democracies. The constitutional judges formulate the basic rules and supervise their observance. The members of the court are elected by the respective delegates. Two men and two women per round. The Constitutional Court is rotated annually. A person who has served as a constitutional judge once cannot serve more than once, and likewise no member of his or her family may hold the office. The job of constitutional judge is a special merit. Members of the public with a sufficient level of merit can also submit suggestions regarding the constitution via an online platform.


You can only be a police officer if you have a certain level of merit. The current staff must be replaced, because they have served the Orbán regime without conscience.

The pursuit of crime is an act of merit! Abusing rank is very much NOT!

Municipal system

The organisation of the municipalities follows exactly the same principles as the organization of the affairs of the country. Local people of sufficient merit can use the same technical system to decide on local issues. These decision-making procedures also go through a central system and can therefore be monitored. Residents of other municipalities are not allowed to participate. It is a criminal offence to circumvent the electoral system.

Street names

We would like to introduce that streets and public spaces can now be named only and exclusively in a non-political way. It may seem unimportant, but unfortunately in practice a lot of money is wasted on completely pointless street name changes dictated by political sides.


As small as possible. On the one hand, it is expensive, on the other hand, it opens the door to corruption, and thirdly, it is extremely annoying for citizens. The meritocratic system makes great use of the latest technological advances, including artificial intelligence. Paper would disappear from public life, to be replaced either by online solutions or by artificial materials that replace paper.

The Delegate, which performs the function of Parliament, would move to a simple, cheap place and do its work there.

Identity document

This is a generic card that combines an identity card, address card, tax ID card, passport and can be used for payment if the holder so chooses. Presumably, all the above identification and operations can be done with the communicator, so the two are compatible.

Political correctness?

This is a basically well-intentioned but highly flawed initiative of modern liberalism, which in a few decades has taken miscommunication to the level of circus clowning. We advocate calling a spade a spade. In the long term, it will help to reduce lying.


In meritocracy, there is no gender discrimination, we reject patriarchal hierarchy, but we disagree with the methods of ultra-liberal genderism, but especially with the creation of a law criminalizing an opinion in defense of the ideology involved.

Free speech

Speech is free. As long as you are not expressing Nazi or equivalent views from any political side or referring to autocratic movements in the messages you broadcast. These could very easily make you a perpetrator of a crime.

We believe that this approach provides a very wide scope for free speech and helps to preserve the peace that is the basic need of all people of good will.


The so-called free-market, uncontrolled capitalism, which does not hesitate to outsource problems to the Third World and at the same time arrogantly glorify itself, has created explosive social tensions and staggering wealth disparities, which cause chaos and disaster in such populations on a daily basis. Some brakes must be put on it at some points, and in the interests of nothing less than the survival and development of humanity.

In a word, the form of economy is still capitalism, but the essential change is in the distribution of the wealth produced and in the supervision and purposeful restriction of the economy in the public interest, particularly as regards the intertwining of money and political ambitions. A total transcendence of capitalism is probably not foreseen in the near future. It may come when there is unlimited energy available to the inhabitants of the planet, full automation and, above all, a mass of very high thinking people in the world.

Nevertheless, we note that many studies are already predicting a near future in which capitalism will be abandoned in favor of the so-called "Collaborative Commons". The development of the means of production (technologies) always brings with it the development of the economic system and of society, although both, especially the latter, are always at a considerable disadvantage. There are many striking signs of this today.

Supervision of the strategic sectors mentioned above means that each of the three circles appoints a certain number of supervisors to monitor the firm on an ongoing basis. Here too, artificial intelligence is deployed where necessary.

Damage to or improvement of nature must be counted in GDP.

One of MMT's key objectives is to prepare the economy and public thinking for a Resource Based Economy.

Highlighted sectors

MMT considers that there are some sectors that are worth concentrating on because of their low raw material requirements and the opportunity to benefit from the specific skills that can be acquired through training.

Renewable energy industry

This is one of the most important. Surplus energy must be sold abroad, so it must be planned in such a way that it can be stored without problems.

Electronics industry

It is one of the most important industries of our time, because it touches almost everything around us. Its raw material requirements are relatively low and its expertise is highly valuable.


Another very important industry that permeates our lives. Its huge advantage is that it relies primarily on human intelligence and creativity. It would be good if all schoolchildren had some understanding of computing and not just the ability to press buttons. In school they will have the opportunity to develop themselves.


As robots are set to replace what are seen as menial or tedious human jobs in the near future, it is important not to be left behind in this area either. We need to build society in such a way that robots are not a burden or a threat to us, but complement our lives. We want to boost the development and production of utility robots. As we look at the issue, they are already urgently needed in Hungarian agriculture and in street garbage collection.


Another great area to harness special expertise. It can help people with limb or sensory impairments to find their way back into everyday life and become useful members of society. As with robot development, we are supporting this sector. We would like to see Hungary become a European leader in both robotics and bionics.

Pharmaceutical industry

By licensing the health industry as a profit-making activity, the private pharmaceutical industry becomes interested in lifelong treatment instead of permanent cures, and in producing side-effects instead of safe medicines. The inspectors sent by the Circles are there to curb this practice. The MMT is inclined to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry is only carried out within a socially supervised framework precisely because of the anomalies mentioned above. It is in the interest of a fair meritocratic society that its citizens should be healthy.

Tourism/Guest Hosting

One of the best ways to manage the human workforce that is being freed up is to get as many people as possible to switch to it. It can also be a way to earn merit by enhancing the country's reputation, not to mention extra income.


The more automated, the better. We generally support the development of industries that require high skills and low use of raw materials. Polluting industrial activities will be severely curtailed and, in extreme cases, may even be phased out. Very severe penalties will now be available for industrial pollution caused by negligence or on purpose.

The private arms industry, for its own profit, becomes interested in creating, exacerbating and prolonging armed conflicts. In parallel with the megalomaniacal ambitions of the giant extractive private corporations, this approach has led to many of the wars that are still going on in the world. In view of this problem, MMT believes that the arms-industry should be a socially controlled activity under strict conditions.

Promoting the modernization and automation of the industry is a merit!


Basically, we want Hungarian agriculture to rely as little as possible on imports, so we want to minimize the impact of floods, inland water, hail, frost damage and similar natural disasters as much as possible through technology. One of the points of attention to be paid to health is to give priority to products and crops that are less harmful to health among agricultural products.

Particular attention should be paid to promoting the cultivation and consumption of sweet potatoes, which are easy to grow and undemanding, as they are miles healthier than their common relative, which is consumed by the Hungarian population in large numbers. MMT also wants to promote wholegrain cereals, which have significant physiological benefits, and coconut oil over sunflower oil (despite the fact that the raw material has to be imported in any case), in order to promote general health. The biggest barrier to the uptake of these foods is the current price, which we are keen to address. Adequate public nutrition is one of the keys to reducing health expenditure through a healthier population. We would also boost freshwater fish farming and seafish imports to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Promoting the modernization and automation of agriculture is a merit!

Banking system

The world's big banks and financial interest groups (e.g. Goldman Sachs) currently have a stranglehold on the planet and there is nothing people can do about it. Many of them have little idea of the scale of the problem. The strategy of these groups is to push people into a hopeless dependency through various market speculations, which creates insurmountable obstacles for those who walk into this trap. This kind of uncontrolled banking system is a very serious obstacle to real progress and a bastion of oligarchic, dynastic ambitions, and must therefore be curbed in some way. Classical nationalization of the banks is not in plans, as it is not possible to switch to another system overnight. On the other hand, as the underlying mechanism will slowly change , over time the private banking system will have to give way to a so-called accounting house run by the public authorities. This is a rationally operating public institution that disregards private interests. During the transition period, banks will be subject to strict supervision. To this end, the Circles will each delegate a member to a bank's supervisory committee, thus controlling its operations. It is easy to see that banking can only be a profession for people who want to get rich, because there is no merit in it. All this is to prevent the banking system from being the financier of any power games. Any such ambition is a crime. The accounting house of public power is subject to special treatment, because here the movement of money serves to maintain society as efficiently as possible. There is no single person in charge, but 2-2 delegates from each Circle (1 male and 1 female expert per Circle), supervising each other, are in charge of the accounting house. The office is non-renewable.

The word bank is to be consigned to be left behind because no speculative activity is carried out in the accounting house.

The constitution must stipulate that no dependency arrangement can be made to finance the country.

A further change is that, in the transitional phase, banks should be obliged to participate in the modernization of the country's infrastructure, especially the renewable energy industry and the catching-up of underdeveloped regions. Here we do not expect them to do this for free and without pay, but to invest part of their huge liquid capital in such things in return for a fair profit.

Household debt to a bank or anyone is NOT inheritable. If the debtor dies, and thus cannot meet the payment obligation, it is the lender's (usually the bank's) loss.

Aiming Resource-based Economy

As steps towards Resource Based Economy, economically and socially the following must be achieved:

  • cash economy must be changed to a productive economy
  • private banking has to be phased out gradually and the concept and practice of a public accounting house must be introduced
  • electronic money and thus a fairer, non-burdensome taxation system must be issued
  • we need a nationwide logistics system for all, based on artificial intelligence
  • priority of circulation must be changed to the priority of value creation
  • the interest-earning private monetary system must be replaced by an interest-free public monetary system
  • we need a people-based economy instead of money-based economy
  • the primacy of speculation msut be changed to the primacy of performance
  • the uncontrolled, organized corporate power must be replaced by a system of controlled public authority
  • we need to change formal democracy to a meritocratic democracy, i.e. a meritocracy, which constantly renews equal chance of opportunity for every individual both in economy and finance
  • we have to stop the unsustainable accumulation of interest called sustainable growth - 'development' - and skip to the provision of sustainable resources
  • we need to extend self-governance instead of the abolition of it
  • we will have to change inclusionary integration to equal partnership
  • unilateral technical modernization must be changed to continuous social modernization, which also brings about more equitable social relations

+1 We must constantly get out of dependency-based systems, because they force the country into a perpetual treadmill and offer no real chance of development other than lining the pockets of politicians.


Supervision of the tax office operates in exactly the same way as outlined above, through the delegates appointed for the task. Each of the three Circles will provide 2-2 (1 male, 1 female) expert delegates.

Although taxation is differentiated progressive, but beyond that it is effectively novel and simple. People or companies not living on basic income pay a tax of 1 % to 2 % to 4 % to 8 % on each financial transaction or purchase, depending on their wealth. The last bracket is for the super-rich and companies in the same category as the super-rich. There is NO other form of taxation.

Those living solely on basic income and pensions are not taxed on basically, but may be taxed in exchange for gaining merit levels, if they so decide. You can choose to give 2% of your annual tax to benefit a broad list of companies. The amount you don't allocate will automatically be used for public purposes, where it is most needed. Churches are excluded from the latter.
The tax authorities will be looking closely at those who drive multi-million cars, live in luxury mansions and cannot credibly prove how they can afford them. All this for at least 10 years retrospectively.

It is compulsory to pay taxes, it is theoretically inescapable due to its technical nature and, besides, it does not change your level of merit. But it is a merit to pay additional taxes, so if you want to earn more points by doing so, you can do it by paying more taxes. It's enough just to declare it.
Hacking and manipulating the technical system, as you can guess, is an extremely serious crime.

Simplification and rationalization can save a lot of bureaucracy and money and tax everyone fairly.


A tőzsde pontosan a korábban körvonalazott felügyelettel működik mindaddig, amíg a Monetáris Gazdaság keretei léteznek. Az erőforrás alapú gazdaságban nincs tőzsde. Az egy teljesen más világ, amihez nagyon sok embernek gondolkodásváltásra lesz szüksége.
A tőzsdei shortolás nem engedélyezett, ahogy az egyébként szinte mindenhol tilos, de Magyarországon valahogy csak “megoldják”. Társadalmi, önkormányzati vagyon NEM vihető tőzsdére.


Szerencsejátékokkal foglalkozó céget magánszemély nem üzemeltethet, ezt a társadalom látja el, mégpedig a szokásos felügyelettel, ami leginkább a kaszinókat és a lottót érinti.
Az online kaszinózás adóköteles és a személyedre szabott adószázalék ötszöröse érvényesül.

A szerencsejáték alapvetően nagyon ellenkezik a meritokratikus gondolkodásmóddal, de be kell látni, hogy egycsapásra nem lehet megszabadulni tőle. Az új társadalmi rendszer mindent megtesz annak érdekében, hogy az emberek valami hasznosabb dologban találják meg az örömüket.


Versenysportok tekintetében az MMT olyan sportágakat szeretne inkább támogatni, amelyben Magyarországnak reális esélye a világ élvonalában. Ezek a vízilabda, kézilabda, úszás, de a többi ágazatról sem fogunk megfeledkezni. Egyetlen sportág van, amely különös figyelmet fog kapni, de negatív értelemben. A pénzügyi támogatást ugyanis jelentősen meg fogjuk kurtítani.

Ez a labdarúgás.

Ha valaki pénzt akar ilyesmibe fektetni, tegye.

A stadionépítési őrületet befejezzük, sajnos a meglévőkkel valamit kell kezdeni, ezért a közegészségügy, a tömegsport és más versenysportok felkészítésének szolgálatába fogjuk állítani. A labdarúgó kluboknak ugyanolyan felügyelete lesz, mint a fontosabb intézményeknek, mert tudjuk, hogy ez ma Magyarországon a pénzmosás egyik fellegvára.

A paralimpikonok mostantól pontosan ugyanannyi támogatást és jutalmat fognak kapni, mint az egészséges társaik.

Az MMT folyamatosan fogja népszerűsíteni a testmozgást és az egészséges életmódot, és ezt a versenysportnál is jóval fontosabbnak tartja.

A Magyarországon rendezett Olimpiát SEMMILYEN körülmények között nem támogatjuk. Ha véletlenül elnyernénk a rendezés jogát, akkor rögvest lemondanánk róla.

Az Olimpiát egyetlen egy országban kéne minden alkalommal megrendezni, mégpedig Görögországban, ahonnan ez az egész elindult. A résztvevő országok finanszírozásában. Sokkal olcsóbb lenne és megszűnne vagy legalábbis drasztikusan csökkenne az Olimpiákat övező korrupció.

Még valamit a felügyeletről

Minden felügyelet alá tartozó cég vagy intézmény delegáltjait félévente cserélni KÖTELEZŐ. Minél nagyobb volumenű egy cég, annál több felügyelő kell bele. Ennek részletei később kerülnek kidolgozásra.


Terveink szerint teljesen megszűnik a készpénzforgalom és kizárólag elektronikusan lehet vásárolni ill. eladni. A készpénz elköltözik a múzeumba.
Saját fizetőeszköz használata nem engedélyezett, a barter elvileg akár lehetséges, de ennek részletei később kerülnek kidolgozásra.

Miért is szűnjön meg a készpénz:

  • A bankjegyek készítése rengeteg pénzbe kerül
  • A készpénz rendkívül jól támogatja a feketegazdaságot és a bűnözés minden létező fajtáját
  • A készpénz igencsak megnehezíti az adótörvények betartását és a csalások okán irreális adózási feltételek elé állítja a polgárokat. Magyarul a csalás már előre be van számítva, ezért magasabb adót állapítanak meg, hogy legalább egy részét beszedhessék annak, amit akartak. Elektronikus pénz esetén rögtön alacsonyabbak lehetnek az adók is.
  • A készpénz egy rakás járulékos költséget jelent, úgymint bankautomaták tízezreinek munkába állítása, folyamatos karbantartása, pénzszállítás, trezorok, a hamisítás elleni harc úgy általában és hasonlók. Legfrissebb baj az ausztrál ötdolláros bankjegy, amelyet nem ismer fel az automata, és 4 milliárd forintnak megfelelő összegbe kerül, hogy mégis felismerje.
  • A készpénz fogdosása révén a kórokozók is gyorsabban terjednek a világban.

Sharing Economy (Közösségi gazdaság)

A közösségi gazdaság (Sharing Economy) olyan gazdasági és szociális rendszer, amely az árukhoz, a szolgáltatásokhoz, az adatokhoz és a tudáshoz közösségi hozzáférést tesz lehetővé, a felhasználók akkor jutahatnak hozzá a forrásokhoz, amikor épp szükségük van rá, anélkül, hogy meg kéne vásárolniuk. Ennek egyik legismertebb fajtája az UBER. Az MMT nem gördít akadályt a sharing economy működése elé mindaddig, amíg meg nem halad egy bizonyos értékhatárt. Az értékhatár definíciója egyéb részletekkel egyetemben (pl adózás) szakértők kezébe lesz adva.

Közösségi finanszírozás, Startup

Terveink szerint egy társadalmi központtal működő közösségi finanszírozó rendszer is beindulna, amely a Kickstarter ill. ahhoz hasonló rendszerek működésén alapul. Segítségével könnyebben juthatnak pénzhez és ismertséghez a kreatív, de kevésbé ismert vállalkozók, művészek, feltalálók stb.


Az emberek a feltett közvéleménykutatói kérdésre a SAJÁT kommunikátorukkal jelzik vissza a véleményüket. Ha akarják.

Egyszerű, átlátható, a pillanatnyi ill. végeredmény bárki által bármikor, bárhol nyomonkövethető és határtalanul pontos eredményt ad. A mintavételezés sokkalta nagyobb, mint bárhol, bármikor. A természeténél fogva nem lehet propagandacélokra használni.

A Kommunikátor

Fontos megjegyezni, hogy a kommunikátor külön erre a célra kifejlesztett egyedi tervezésű berendezés, amely a lehető legmodernebb titkosítási és adatbiztonsági rendszereket alkalmazza, beleértve az ujjlenyomat-, és/vagy retinaazonosítást is. Az operációs rendszere szintén egyedi tervezésű. A hardver vagy szoftver hekkelése főbenjáró bűncselekménynek minősül, ugyanis minden szavazás ezek segítségével valósul meg.

A biztonsági veszélyek csökkentése érdekében a készülék NEM az interneten keresztül kommunikál, amikor elektronikus döntéshozatalra kerül sor.

Másik fontos gyakorlati metódus, hogy ezek a készülékek csak úgynevezett “geo hot spotokon” belül működnek annak elkerülése érdekében, hogy a készülék jogos tulajdonosát bárki erőszakkal kényszerítse a használatára ezáltal befolyásolván a szavazás kimenetelét. Ezek a hot spotok békés, biztonságos, kávéház-szerű, zárt helyiségek, ahol NEM szem előtt lévő, de állandó biztonsági személyzet ügyel arra, hogy senkit ne érhessen attrocitás és szabadon gyakorolhassa a szavazási jogát.

A kezelőszervek az ún Augmented Reality (Kiterjesztett valóság) technológiával fognak működni, amely jelen pillanatban kezd felvirágozni és elterjedni. Mindez feltehetőleg egy szemüvegként viselhető kivitelben.

Ezek a technológiák már léteznek. Ha a technológia lehetővé teszi majd, azonnal átállnánk DNS-azonosításra, amely tovább növeli a biztonságot.

A készülék alkalmas minden jelenlegi okostelefon-műveletre is a hagyományos módon.
A kommunikátor ötletén többen felhördülhetnek, hogy ez a gaz állam nyomkövető rendszere, melyet önként és dalolva viszel magaddal mindenhova. Szeretnénk hangsúlyozni, a technika már tart ott, hogy ha igazán nyomkövetni akar az állam valakit, akkor a tudtán kívül beleültet egy miniatűr csipet, vagy nanorobotot, amiről az életben nem fogja megtudni, hogy benne van. Mivel a kommunikátoron alapul számos polgári művelet (pl. Választások), célszerű magánál hordani. De nem kötelező, csak akkor nem tud részt venni bizonyos országos vagy helyi közösséget formáló akciókban.

A vád: utópia

A tervezett rendszerre könnyen sütheti rá a FELÜLETES szemlélő az utópia jelzőt. A jelzővel elhamarkodottan élők többnyire azok közül kerülnek ki, akik nehezen tudnak már elvonatkoztatni az évtizedek óta fennálló politikai és gazdasági gyakorlatoktól. A másik az, aki valami teljesen más kiindulóoknál fogva tiltakozik, csak ezzel lehet a legjobban uszítani ellene és közben fenntartani a semlegesség látszatát. A harmadik idevágó pont a technológia lebecsülése. Már a dokumentum első verziója írásának pillanatában (2016 nyara) kijelenthetjük, hogy a tech teljességben adott a technológiailag megtámogatott filantróp meritokrácia kivitelezéséhez. Az egyetlen akadály az emberek földhözragadt gondolkodása, az alapvető történelmi ill. politikai fogalmak totális féreértelmezése, illetve a jelenlegi politikai hovatartozásukból fakadó dogmatikus vagy érdekalapú hozzáállás. Igazság szerint ezt érezzük a legnagyobb akadálynak.
A polgári demokrácia az utópia netovábbjának tűnhetett a fedualizmusban.

“A fejlődéshez két dolog kell: fáradhatatlan kitartás, és az a készség, hogy olyasmit is el tudjunk vetni, amibe sok időt és munkát fektettünk be.”

– Albert Einstein


2010 óta óriásit zuhant a magyarok megítélése szerte a világban. Ezt többek között a szánalmas, hozzánemértő, vagdalkozó, kioktató külpolitikának köszönhetjük. Legfontosabb küldetésünk a külpolitikában, hogy helyreállítsuk a stabil országokkal megromlott viszonyt. Az autokráciákkal távolságtartó de nem ellenséges politikát óhajtunk folytatni.
Magyarország továbbra is maradéktalanul eleget tesz szövetségi kötelezettségeinek, legyen az az EU vagy a NATO.

Európai Unió

Az MMT az Európai Unióval együttműködve képzeli el a jövőt. Az EU-tól elszakadni nem éppen jó ötlet, miután évek óta a beruházások több, mint 95%-át fedezik. Ez totális elszigetelődést és a világon mindenütt páriának számító autokrata rendszerek irányába kényszerülő, végletekig megalkuvó politikát vonna maga után, amit semmilyen szinten nem támogatunk.

Az, hogy az EU elvárja, mire legyen költve a pénzük, bennünket egyáltalán nem aggaszt, mert mi nem akarunk stadion- és kisvasút-erdőt.

A liberális demokráciával megsépkelt európai szuperállam gondolatát azonban nehezen tudjuk elképzelni, hiszen országokra lebontva is néhány olyan nehézséggel állnak szemben, amit nem sikerült megoldaniuk, sőt inkább növelték annak súlyát. Ilyen pl. a migráció, de a korrupció ellen sem tettek SEMMI lényegeset.


Mivel a meritokrata társadalom egyik célja, hogy védje a társadalom integritását és egyensúlyát, a bevándorló csakis abban az esetben vándorolhat be, ha alkalmazkodik az ország bevett szokásaihoz és uralkodó vallásához.

Mindenfajta képzettség nélkül bevándorolni nem lehet!

Dokumentumok nélkül bevándorolni nem lehet!

Az engedélyezett bevándorlók alapérdemszinttel kezdik meg új életüket és ez 1 évig nem növekszik, csak csökkenhet, ha valami helytelent cselekszik. Ez az asszimilációs korszak. A bevándorlók csak akkor vállalhatnak politikai funkciót, ha polgárokká válnak. Ennek minimális átfutási ideje 5 év és nyelvvizsga kell hozzá. Ha a bevándorló nem főbenjáró bűncselekményt követ el, vagyonelkobzást követően mehet az országból “isten hírével”. Főbenjárú bűncselekmény esetén a többi hasonszőrű mellé lesz zárva hosszú távú elmélkedésre.
A konzervatívok gyakorlatilag senkit nem engednének be, hogy “homogén” maradhasson a nemzet, a liberálisok meg mindenkit beengednének korlátozás nélkül. Ahogy az már lenni szokott, egyiket sem tartjuk üdvözítőnek.

Polgárság bizonyítvány pénzen közvetlenül nem vehető, csak közvetett módon csökkenthető a polgársági folyamat, mégpedig ha a letelepedni vágyó külföldi magyar közcélokra ajánl fel értékes társadalmi munkákat.

Ha valaki ÖNKÉNT lemond a vallásáról és kereszténnyé vagy ateistává válik, azzal lefelezheti a polgársági folyamatot, viszont a későbbiekben ezzel bármilyen ellentétes cselekedet azonnali, mérlegelés nélküli kitoloncolást von maga után.

A Magyar Meritokrata Társaság a globalisták elképzeléseivel szemben nem támogatja a muszlimok és keresztények nagyszámú, direkt keveredését, mert ez óriási társadalmi feszültségekhez vezet.


Az irodisták száma jelenleg nagyobb, mint a valóban bevethető katonáké. Ezen változtatni kell. Inkább legyenek kevesebben, de azok hadrafoghatók legyenek és megállják a helyüket egy fegyveres konfliktusban. A jelenlegi rendszert kiszolgáló parancsnoki kar azonnal nyugdíjazásra kerül és fiatalabb, modernebb gondolkodású tisztikar váltja le.

A civilek korábban említett katonai képzése azért fontos, hogy probléma esetén, és itt most nem csupán háborúról van szó, a lakosság hatékonyabban tudjon együttműködni a hadsereggel ill. tudja, hogyan csökkentse a veszteségeket. Problémás helyzetben minden honfitársunkra szükség van.

A hadsereg védelmi és csapásmérő erejét leginkább a dróntechnika fejlesztésében látjuk, mivel lényegesen olcsóbb, mobilisabb és hatékonyabb, mint nagyszámú nehézfegyverzet vagy élőerő mozgatása, irányítása ill. az utóbbiak élelmezése. Másik lényeges elem a kibertechnológia, amellyel egy esetleges ellenség adatforgalmát, kommunikációját lehet megbénítani.
Mindettől függetlenül a meglévő élőerők védelmére, kézifegyverzetére és szállítására nagy hangsúlyt helyezünk. Itt jelentős modernizálásra van szükség.

A Horthy-korszakra emékeztető egyenruhákat modern egyenruhákra váltjuk, a szintén onnan kölcsönzött beidegződéseket kigyomláljuk.



Feladatuk a határ felügyelete, a zöldhatáron érkezők lehetőség szerinti elfogása és táborokba kísérése. Mindezt a lehető leghumánusabb módon kell végezniük, kényszerítő eszközök mellőzésével. Munkájukat a határvédelmi feladatokra specializált drónok is segítik, leginkább a felderítésben, nyomkövetésben és azonosításban, de adott esetben az embercsempészek vagy más illegális elemek drónjainak levadászásában is.

Önkéntes határvédelem

A határrendészeti feladatokat önkéntes alapon is el lehet végezni érdempontokért cserébe. Aki nem képes a szabályokat betartani, az el lesz tiltva ettől a tevékenységtől.

Migráció a zöldhatáron

A migráció olyan szintet ért el az elmúlt időkben, amely meghaladja Európa befogadó képességét, a kialakult ellátórendszereket és az európai emberek türelmét.

Az MMT, habár filantrópnak definiálja magát, a józan ésszel és az ország érdekével nem megy szembe, vagyis nem támogatja a zöldhatáron érkezők nyakló nélküli befogadását. Mindezt azokra a krízishelyzetekre alapozzuk, amelyek Hollandiában, Németországban, Franciaországban vagy éppen Svédországban álltak elő és a liberális média nem nagyon szereti kiteregetni. A mi emberbarátságunk addig terjed, amíg nem élnek vissza vele. Fejjel nem megyünk a falnak.
Akinek nincsenek papírjai és a zöldhatáron érkezik, mérlegelés nélkül ki lesz toloncolva. Az országban nem lehet papírok nélkül flangálni. Ez alól az alábbiak adnak átmeneti felmentést: betegség, fizikai sérülés vagy terhesség. Őket és a papírral rendelkező zöldhatár-átlépőket szerény, de kulturált táborokban gyűjti össze a határrendészet. Nem egy nagyba, hanem több kisebb táborba, amelyek nincsenek közel egymáshoz. A táborokban a nap minden szakában kell lennie legalább egy képzett tolmácsnak.

Ez a fajta tolmácsmunka érdem!

Akiről kiderül, hogy a rendszer kijátszására szándékosan okozott magának sérülést, netán betegséget, az mérlegelés nélkül ki lesz toloncolva.

A táborlakók bántalmazása, állati körülmények közötti tartása, provokálása tilos. A karitatív szervezetek vagy magánszemélyek adományozási akcióinak akadályozása szintén tilos. A táborban állandóan működő és tisztántartott vécéknek, mosdóknak, fürdőhelyeknek, orvosi ügyeletnek kell lenni. Az alapélelmezésért a kijelölt magyar társadalmi szervek felelősek.
Azok a táborlakók, akik nem képesek betartani az alap játékszabályokat, azonnal, mérlegelés nélkül ki lesznek toloncolva az országból. A magyar hatóságoknak a lehető leghumánusabban kell eljárni velük, mindaddig, amíg támadás nem éri őket. Aki az ügye intézése alatt bármilyen rendbontást kezdeményez, szintén ki lesz toloncolva. Aki csak át akar haladni, a magyar társadalom pénzén a lehető legrövidebb időn belül el lesz szállítva a célállomáshoz. Ha onnan visszatoloncolják, akkor innen is vissza lesz toloncolva és 3 évre el lesz tiltva a belépés lehetőségétől. Ez a többi toloncoltra is vonatkozik. Az országban csak úgy maradhatnak, ha értenek valamihez és valódi munkát vállalnak. A maradás és munkavállalás mellett döntők egy külön táborban kapnak elhelyezést. Javadalmaztatás ill. munkakörülmények szempontjából nem érheti megkülönböztetés őket a magyar dolgozókkal szemben. A zöldhatárt átlépők alapjövedelmet nem igényelhetnek, kivéve ha polgárrá válnak, de annak elég nagy az átfutása. A migrációs krízishelyzet miatt az országunk érdeke azt kívánja, hogy normális keretek közé tereljük ezt az egész kérdést.

A migránsválság megnyugtató megoldása

A problémát három komoly szemszögből kell megvizsgálni:

  1. A migránsok száma messze meghaladja azt, amit Európa el tud viselni.
  2. A migránsok teljesen eltérő kultúrköre és vallási háttere ekkora mennyiségű embernél nem teszi lehetővé, hogy zavartalanul lehessen integrálni őket és későbbi attrocitások lehetőségét is előrevetíti.
  3. Erdogan, a török elnök, 3 millió migránssal zsarolja az Európai Uniót.

Ez így együtt arra a következtetésre jutattja a bölcsen gondolkodni próbáló embert, hogy sürgősen lépni kell valamit, ami szokatlan, de mégis egyszerre oldja meg a fenti problémákat a lehető legzökkenőmentesebb úton.

Ennek okán az MMT azt javasolja, hogy az EU vásároljon egy legalább 10 millió fő befogadására alkalmas szigetet (vagy akár többet) Görögországtól, és mostantól minden iszlám országból származó menekült ott kerüljön elhelyezésre. Az életkörülményeik kezdeti megteremtését is finanszírozhatja az EU. Ez még mindig olcsóbb, és békésebb, mint a jelenlegi helyzet.

A megoldás egyszerre humánus, más megoldásokhoz képest viszonylag olcsó, megakadályozza a kultúrkörök és vallások összeférhetetlenségét és egyáltalán nem utolsó sorban kifogja a szelet Erdogan zsaroló politikájából. További hozadéka a döntésnek, hogy anyagilag megsegíti Görögországot, illetve az EU-hoz lojális muszlim milliók közössége jöhet létre úgy, hogy nincsenek az EU területén.

Eközben az EU nagyobb szerepet vállalhatna a migránsválság forrásországainak problémáinak megoldásában segélyekkel, diplomáciával, propagandával és bármilyen szóba jöhető humánus eszközzel.


Hétköznapi civilek fegyvert csak megfelelő érdemszinttel viselhetnek és rendszeres képzésen is át kell esniük. Akik nem tesznek eleget ennek a követelménynek, a megszerzett jogukat is elveszítik. Az MMT mindennek tetejébe Dave Grossman alezredes “Juhászkutya koncepcióját” is bele akarja építeni a mindennapi rendfenntartásba, ahol a rendőrség mellett magasan képzett, magas érdemekkel rendelkező, bátor, de anonim civilek kezébe is jogot ad, hogy a társadalom farkasait megfékezzék. Ők a “juhászkutyák”, akik az ország jóravaló, törvénytisztelő, de veszély esetén teljesen leblokkoló, pánikba eső “bárányait” önzetlenül védelmezik. Mert ez az ő belső indíttatásuk, mentálisan, fizikálisan és képesítésben is tökéletesen megfelelnek erre a feladatra. Jellemüknél fogva KÖTELESSÉGÜKNEK érzik, hogy a bajba jutott, sérült vagy támadásnak kitett embertársaikon azonnal segítsenek. Ez az alezredes koncepciójának lényege. A “juhászkutyák” elektronikus azonosítót viselnek, hogy más rendfenntartó erők könnyen meg tudják különböztetni őket a “farkasoktól” egy esetleges akció közepén.

Egy a Nizzaihoz hasonló terrorcselekmény esetén, ha ilyen védelmezők vannak a közelben, az áldozatok száma feltehetőleg drasztikusan csökkenthető lenne.

A rendszer végleges kidolgozását szakemberekre bízzuk.

Terrorelhárítás, társadalombiztonság

A TEK helyére létre lesz hozva egy új tagokból álló csapat, az Országos Biztonsági Alakulat (OBA), melynek tagjai a Belügyminisztériumi delegátus utasítását hajtják végre, feladatuk az esetleges terroristák illetve “különösen veszélyes bűnözők” elleni fellépés, a rendőrséggel és a “juhászkutyákkal” közreműködve. Ők csak speciális esetekben lesznek bevetve, a hétköznapi rendfenntartásban NEM vesznek részt. Ezzel szemben állandóan gyakorolnak, méghozzá a meritokrata közérdek célkitűzéseit szem előtt tartva. A terrorelhárítás mellett mindazok lekapcsolása is feladatuk, akik erőszakkal vagy egyéb aknamunkával próbálják az autokrata állapotokat restaurálni.

Társadalmi kitüntetések

Az Orbán-éra alatt kiadott állami kitüntetések jogosságát az MMT felül fogja vizsgálni és az érdemtelenektől nem lesz rest visszavonni őket. Természetesen a vele együtt járó javadalmazással egyetemben, ha járt hozzá.

A közelmúlt egyik kirívó esete Bayer Zsolté. Ha létezik valaki, aki érdemtelen az ilyen kitüntetésre, akkor az ő.

A későbbiekben a kitüntetések jogosságát a Delegátus határozza meg. A Horthy-korszakra és az Orbán-korszakra jellemző kitüntetésfajták megszűnnek. Az MMT nem tervez saját kitüntetéseket bevezetni.


Úgy véljük, az általunk kimódolt rendszer a tágabban értelmezett emberiség javát szolgálja, de mint minden magát bölcsnek tartó ember, nem vagyunk dogmatikusan meggyőződve a hibátlanságáról. Ezért terveink szerint egy igen masszív online közösségi szoftvert (MMT Society Simulation Model) szándékozunk fejleszteni, amely segítségével az MMT által előnyben részesített és propagált filantróp-meritokrácia valamennyi működő és tervbe vett társadalmi, valamint gazdasági mechanizmusát “élőben” kipróbálhatják a polgárok és véleményezhetik is. A tapasztalatok a rendszer finomítását szolgálják. A játékos formában megvalósított ingyenes szolgáltatás révén a polgár részleteiben megismerkedhet mindennel és gyakorolhatja például a szavazások menetét, továbbá mivel a világon bárki által kipróbálható, szélesebb körben elterjed, így nagyobb mintavételezést biztosít a rendszer finomítása érdekében és máshol is arra ösztönzi a polgárokat, hogy lépjenek rá a társadalmi fejlődés filantróp meritokrata útjára.

“Ha az ország lakossága elégedett, az autokrácia kialakulása ESÉLYTELEN!”

Definition of meritocratic democracy

A merit-oriented society, without financial and power elites, based on a resource-based economy, serving the public interest, where merit is not a matter of money or privilege, but of expertise and helpfulness based on diligence and perseverance.

On the basis of what has happened in Hungary in the 21st century so far, followers of both main political sides should consider the following:

  • Don't automatically take the other side for stupid
  • Listen to what the other side has to say, their problems, their views
  • Do not automatically declare everything the other side says to be a conteo and at least look wisely at what they say and why.
  • Be critical of your own propagandists
  • Have your own ideas, don't just repeat the views of others
  • Have an acceptable message and programme for the other side
  • Don't govern like a tyrant just because it's your turn to hold the relay baton
  • Don't cover up corruption, nepotism, cronyism just because it benefits your own peers. With that, you undermine your own credibility.
  • Think of the future when you make a decision
  • Do not subject everything to profit
  • Don't rely on force, but on reason
  • Put expertise first, not loyalty
  • The public interest should prevail, not egoism and party interests
  • Let morality and merit, not immorality and unworthiness, be the main driving force

These are the most important prerequisites for achieving meritocracy.

Closing words

If you really want real, profound change in the world, support the efforts of the Hungarian Meritocratic Society and introduce our views to others. The more of us there are, the sooner Change can come. But we can also say: This can't be achieved WITHOUT YOU.


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