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The downsides of the AI revolution
In recent times, there have been huge and spectacular advances in so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI). The pace is unimaginably fast, almost impossible to…
Everyday overheads cuts
You have obviously noticed that there is a big increase in prices in all areas. Let's not go into the reasons, there are many (both domestic and foreign), but…
Meritocratic quiz
We finally managed to finish our long-planned quiz. It actually started out as a more robust demonstration software, which is why it looks much nicer than a…
Surgery by robot
The first series of experimental soft tissue surgeries performed by a robotic surgeon using a laparoscopic method (through a small incision) without human…
Breakthrough in fusion tech
MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy … New superconducting magnet breaks magnetic field strength records, paving the way for…
On machine learning
In relation to this article, I have started translating the Meritocracy website into several languages. I am using a much more advanced artificial intelligence…
Human augmentation
I do not want to comment. Have a look at the British Ministry of Defence material:
Alternative social media
Unfortunately, surveillance (data phishing) capitalism is sliding deeper down the rabbit hole and for many it is becoming unbearable. Although the undertaking…
Mind Upload
At first sight, the title might make it sound like we're filling our brains with, shall we say, knowledge, but we're not. We are uploading the brain itself, or…
Great battery out of nuclear waste
The beta voltaic effect is a century-old discovery whereby a form of atomic radiation, known as beta radiation, induces electricity in certain materials. This…
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