The downsides of the AI revolution

In recent times, there have been huge and spectacular advances in so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI). The pace is unimaginably fast, almost impossible to follow. We have published several articles on the subject, pointing out that we now have to take this technology into account in almost all areas of life. In a short time, ChatGPT, based on the existing model, has passed the difficult US Bar exam, the medical exam, Google's programming exam for testing fresh recruits, can be used to write lyrics, recipes, articles, and surprisingly well. Obviously it has its flaws, sometimes quite substantial ones in Hungarian and similar complex languages due to the way it works, but this will change.

However, the problem is already apparent with this technology. I am talking about a problem that I wrote about many years ago, at the dawn of AI technology, as a futurist and a person with a keen interest in technology.

ChatGPI is biased.

There are many articles about it, many people have analyzed his activities and they all come to the same conclusion.

I talked to ChatGPT about this and he almost took it upon himself to write that he cannot be biased as he has no emotions. I told him that you are biased because your creators are biased, so they have endowed you with their views. Anyway, it is quite often possible to get him to contradict himself, which sometimes he admits, and sometimes he mindlessly repeats the same nonsense.

So we have barely got to the beginning of tech and we are already running into what should be avoided at great length: AI serves no purpose other than to promote the views of a particular interest group. Microsoft buying it and integrating it into its own search engine only exacerbates the situation. And there is no public data on systems designed for governments and for internal use by some large companies.

The purpose of AI technology, which we have always strongly advocated, could be to put unbiased, everyday assistants with vast knowledge and lightning-fast decision-making skills to work in all areas of life. Instead, we will get sneaky little agitators and manipulators who will gain insight and influence into the most elementary details of our lives and give their masters an accurate picture of everything.

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