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On machine learning
In relation to this article, I have started translating the Meritocracy website into several languages. I am using a much more advanced artificial intelligence…
Human augmentation
I do not want to comment. Have a look at the British Ministry of Defence material:
We have seen this before, haven't we? They're everywhere, but the most common place to find them is the wide space provided by social media (Facebook, mostly).
Péter Róna on Chinese lending
A common feature of Chinese loans to countries in Africa, but also in Europe and even South America, is that... - usually for a purpose that cannot be repaid…
Meritocracy in our daily lives
Some may think that the concept here, especially the points system, is completely different from what is common practice today, but I will quickly point out…
Some things never change
Reflections of István Bársony, hunter, writer, journalist, from his book Erdőn-mezőn (Through Forests and Meadows), published in 1894. "It is hard to make a…
Political shenanigans at school
In fact, there is no place for any ideology in publicly funded schools. Neither liberal nor conservative. They have only one purpose: indoctrination, to train…
I am going to write about a rather worrying trend. The whole story started with the rise of social media. This includes all sites where the use of emoticons is…
Nature & Corruption
On Saturday, I had the opportunity to see the traces of a very serious environmental degradation. You don't have to go very far, just look at the Kiserdő…
Alternative social media
Unfortunately, surveillance (data phishing) capitalism is sliding deeper down the rabbit hole and for many it is becoming unbearable. Although the undertaking…
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