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MMT Patreon page
The MMT patreon page is now live. As it is against our concept to create a party, we will refrain from doing so. An Official Society would have been a possible…
The downsides of the AI revolution
In recent times, there have been huge and spectacular advances in so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI). The pace is unimaginably fast, almost impossible to…
Noam Chomsky - 10 strategies of manipulation
Renowned critic and always MIT linguist Noam Chomsky, one of the classic voices of intellectual dissent in the last decade, has compiled a list of the ten most…
Meritocratic quiz
We finally managed to finish our long-planned quiz. It actually started out as a more robust demonstration software, which is why it looks much nicer than a…
The founding fathers and the party system
The following article tries to shed light on how the US came to a two-party system. I will highlight two parts: "The "Founding Fathers", or members of the…
Moving out, young people?
I wanted to write about this topic before, but this article helped me to decide. "Spanish government to encourage young people under 35 to buy their own home…
We have seen this before, haven't we? They're everywhere, but the most common place to find them is the wide space provided by social media (Facebook, mostly).
I am going to write about a rather worrying trend. The whole story started with the rise of social media. This includes all sites where the use of emoticons is…
Alternative social media
Unfortunately, surveillance (data phishing) capitalism is sliding deeper down the rabbit hole and for many it is becoming unbearable. Although the undertaking…
Shall we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?
Ezt a cikket egy mesterséges intelligencia írta a saját "kútfejéből". Ő azt mondja, ne féljünk tőlük. Én erre azt mondom, nem feltétlenül tőlük kell félni…
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