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Is there anything better than democracy?


The problems are great, therefore the solutions are not trivial.


Frequently asked questions about meritocracy.

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The nice liberal ideas have been taken over by the oligarchs. A profit-based consumer society is being built. The guiding principle is: consume, buy, even senselessly, unnecessarily, otherwise the system will collapse! Instead of pursuing the public interest, the people are kept in check by means of propaganda using sophisticated scientific methods. One manifestation of this is the system of alternating parties.
The MMT patreon page is now live. As it is against our concept to create a party, we will refrain from doing so. An Official Society would have been a possible way forward, but it was refused twice years ago on ridiculous grounds, so this won't work either. That leaves the classic crowd-funding. Besides, the only way to make a really big change is to get the masses to change their minds. Go to Patreon
Anyone not living in an ivory tower has probably encountered this problem. Virtually any product you mention will have shoddy workmanship written all over it.
In recent times, there have been huge and spectacular advances in so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI). The pace is unimaginably fast, almost impossible to…
This is an existing concept, but it is a different matter that it has not been implemented anywhere at the state level. Why? Here is an opinion from Giovanni…
You have obviously noticed that there is a big increase in prices in all areas. Let's not go into the reasons, there are many (both domestic and foreign), but…
Renowned critic and always MIT linguist Noam Chomsky, one of the classic voices of intellectual dissent in the last decade, has compiled a list of the ten most…
Sometimes, fortunately rarely, comments are made that the concept is impossible. There are many historical examples of people being skeptical and cautious…
Venus Project
Erőforrás-alapú gazdaság:
fenntartható városok,
hatékony energiafelhasználás,
gazdálkodás az erőforrásokkal,
fejlett automatizáció.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with an average voter.

— Winston Churchill
National Debt

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