Why does direct democracy not exist?

This is an existing concept, but it is a different matter that it has not been implemented anywhere at the state level. Why?
Here is an opinion from Giovanni Sartori, Italian politologist:

"Direct democracy would fail quickly and fatally on the reef of ignorance and incompetence."

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Those who use their brains to approach certain issues quickly come to Mr Sartori's conclusion. The weak educational and advocacy framework of representative democracy as we know and are used to it, and its voting method, are inadequate to carry it out.

As many of you may have realised, the meritocracy we promote is direct democracy in its most sophisticated form.

Previously, the concept was to take the burden of politics off the shoulders of the voters and make it representative democracy. Then the representatives would represent us, solve our problems and manage our money well.

Did you laugh at that too?

I wouldn't be surprised. For a long time, MPs have only represented their party or the interest groups behind them, not solving problems, but deepening existing ones and creating new ones, and using our money - whether it is money we have already generated and then taken from us in taxes, or money we have not yet generated, or as a gigantic national debt, and charged to us - are creatively and professionally passed on to those behind them and to their own peers. Of course, under the umbrella of a legal framework that they themselves have ingeniously created.
By the way, there is complete agreement between the left and the right in the proximity of the really big money, and anyone who wants to stand out as a politician will be booted out of the line. And then he'll be lucky to get away with it.

As the world is becoming more and more complicated, the question has been raised for some time that the mechanisms of democracy should be improved. OK, but in what direction? Who decides the direction anyway?

Unfortunately, only a tiny fraction of the world's population is giving it some thought, but we have taken the liberty of laying down some new principles and even offering some practical solutions. It is designed so that anyone who cannot or will not accept this is not thinking in the public interest, but is very much thinking in their own interests. Or simply too biased.

Since we take Mr Sartori's warning seriously, we must build this new 'house' on a foundation that does not collapse under the first problem. These are the building blocks:

-Actual elimination of birth, relational and power privileges (i.e. who is born into what dynasty, whose relatives, friends, mates, comrades, spouses, whatever, how much money and blackmail potential they have)
-Self-sustaining parties and churches. The latter are completely excluded from the administration of the state.
-A strong education system, free of ideologies
-Equal opportunities for those who are truly qualified for a position (no positive or negative discrimination)
-Unprecedented tri-polar political sphere, which alone would be enough to regulate the current chaos
-The transformation of a dependency-promoting, alienating and scandalously elitist economic system for the benefit of public interest

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