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Why does direct democracy not exist?
This is an existing concept, but it is a different matter that it has not been implemented anywhere at the state level. Why? Here is an opinion from Giovanni…
Concerns about our plans
Sometimes, fortunately rarely, comments are made that the concept is impossible. There are many historical examples of people being skeptical and cautious…
Our YouTube channel
We have created our YouTube channel, where we would like to upload educational videos, depending on our financial means and free time. The videos will be…
Meritocratic quiz
We finally managed to finish our long-planned quiz. It actually started out as a more robust demonstration software, which is why it looks much nicer than a…
The founding fathers and the party system
The following article tries to shed light on how the US came to a two-party system. I will highlight two parts: "The "Founding Fathers", or members of the…
We have seen this before, haven't we? They're everywhere, but the most common place to find them is the wide space provided by social media (Facebook, mostly).
Péter Róna on Chinese lending
A common feature of Chinese loans to countries in Africa, but also in Europe and even South America, is that... - usually for a purpose that cannot be repaid…
Political shenanigans at school
In fact, there is no place for any ideology in publicly funded schools. Neither liberal nor conservative. They have only one purpose: indoctrination, to train…
A professional article on lobbying
We have talked a lot about the problems of lobbying and now we have finally found a very good article on the subject. Let's not be naive, democracy has been…
Some home brew "Chinese"
"Horváth Levente, az MNB elnöki főtanácsadója eddigi karrierje legnagyobb sikerének tartja a döntést." Mármint, hogy kínai oktatók is részt vegyenek a hazai…
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