The first steps

  • Holding all politicians who have been in power since 1990 to account regardless of conviction or party affiliation. The privatizations of the 1990s will not be overlooked either.
  • Confiscation and public use of all the assets of those found guilty of the previous point, and sending them to prison for an appropriately long period of time to think about it. The procedure also extends to family members, and even relatives and friends, who are not actively involved in politics but who are profiting from it. Even if someone were to flee abroad, they cannot live there in the belief that they have got away with it.
  • As an addition to the previous point, we would also like to see as much of the public assets that have been rescued into offshore companies as possible returned, for which a separate action group will be set up.
  • The restoration of the legal status quo of 2010 WITHOUT the former politicians. This will be a transitional state.
  • Restoration of the Hungarian Republic
  • Annulment of the current constitution + new constitution according to the new principles
  • Establishment of an expert government with complete disregard of former politicians. Expert activity should not be confused with consolidation from astronomical bank loans.
  • Cancellation of the Paks2 contract
  • Urgent restoration of health care and public education system
  • Moving towards full renewable energy production with a view to the fusion technology that already exists
  • Moving towards the resource-based economy promoted by the Venus project
  • Compensation for foreign currency debtors, launching the liquidation of the civil debt trap
  • Annulment of the tobacconist's license, launching a new tender so that those who currently own a tobacconist's shop can NOT participate in the tender.
  • Cancellation of the casino license. All forms of gambling are now subject to a republican monopoly.
  • The start of a real crackdown on crime, once the main criminals, the politicians of the past, have been taken out of circulation
  • The establishment of the organization of a philanthropic meritocratic society, and its continuous promotion to the population
  • The discontinuation of cash
  • Spreading interest-free local money for settlements within the country.
  • Introduction of MMT's simplified and rationalized tax system
  • Launch the modernization, optimization and rationalization of the economy
  • Creation and testing of an online simulation software for a philanthropic meritocratic society, planned for a few years later, with the participation of domestic and foreign citizens

In the later years

  • Introduction of a conditional basic income. This will require the expansion of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is still in its early stages, and the consolidation of the above-mentioned medium.
  • To put experts in as many positions as possible by making the so-called Blind Audition system as widespread as possible
  • Introducing a revolutionary, state-of-the-art personal electronic decision-making system (which is also responsible for elections)
  • The conditions for dismantling the monetary-based world economic system have to begin to be put in place. This is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and resisted tasks that exists. Unfortunately, without it, no significant positive change in the world can be achieved. To achieve this, dependency-based economic cooperation must be urgently abandoned and never again allowed to flourish. This must also be enshrined in the constitution.
  • Consolidation of a just philanthropic meritocratic social system.
  • MMT also proposes to put these theories into practice through the ideas of Jacque Fresco, whose vision of the near and distant future, known as the Venus Project, precisely balances environmental protection and economic efficiency, and envisages a frugal but highly productive society for the general well-being of the population.
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