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Is there anything better than democracy?


The problems are great, therefore the solutions are not trivial.


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The conclusions of this treatise are true, but societies do not have a representative voice that can stand up for them against local and global powers. I have only seen one example of social unity, the Icelandic referendum that sent its debtors to jail! Where do we stand from here?
I wanted to write about this topic before, but this article helped me to decide. "Spanish government to encourage young people under 35 to buy their own home with a monthly contribution." … Previously, it was just plain demagoguery to get young people to move. Things like 'you have to stand on your own two feet' or 'you have to learn to be independent' and so on. But the most repulsive is this (and you can even see it on billboards): "Are you still living in the mama hotel?" … This is another way of constantly trying to induce some kind of remorse in the young person, as if it were written in the Big Book of Life that he or she…
If you do a little research, these are processes that have been known for a long time. There is nothing surprising about it. The whole monetary system from the…
MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy … New superconducting magnet breaks magnetic field strength records, paving the way for…
This is nothing new, they just like to sweep it under the carpet as long as possible. Lest we end up with a huge mess. And I'm not talking about Hungary, I'm…
In relation to this article, I have started translating the Meritocracy website into several languages. I am using a much more advanced artificial intelligence…
I do not want to comment. Have a look at the British Ministry of Defence material:
We have seen this before, haven't we? They're everywhere, but the most common place to find them is the wide space provided by social media (Facebook, mostly).
Venus Project
Erőforrás-alapú gazdaság:
fenntartható városok,
hatékony energiafelhasználás,
gazdálkodás az erőforrásokkal,
fejlett automatizáció.

Your children should not be protected from life's difficulties, they should be empowered to overcome them.

— Anonymous
National Debt

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