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Is there anything better than democracy?


The problems are great, therefore the solutions are not trivial.


Frequently asked questions about meritocracy.

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Any system fails because of the lack of awareness of the people who create it. They give up their own rights for power, or in the face of coercion, and if they are not constantly protected from psychopaths, they have failed.
Sometimes, fortunately rarely, comments are made that the concept is impossible. There are many historical examples of people being skeptical and cautious about any new or old idea of social organization. Nevertheless, our view is that the death of action is excessive reasoning. Almost anything can be done, but you have to want to do it and be persistent. The secret of implementation is good planning, so the years of work and thought that have gone into MMT are not a waste of time. However, anyone who sees demagogy behind every problem we raise and every solution we propose is not being constructive at all. Someone once wrote…
We have created our YouTube channel, where we would like to upload educational videos, depending on our financial means and free time. The videos will be…
We finally managed to finish our long-planned quiz. It actually started out as a more robust demonstration software, which is why it looks much nicer than a…
The first series of experimental soft tissue surgeries performed by a robotic surgeon using a laparoscopic method (through a small incision) without human…
Many politicians like to arrange things in such a way that the masses of people are NOT receptive to ideas that call for a paradigm shift. The "problem" with…
The following article tries to shed light on how the US came to a two-party system. I will highlight two parts: "The "Founding Fathers", or members of the…
I wanted to write about this topic before, but this article helped me to decide. "Spanish government to encourage young people under 35 to buy their own home…
Venus Project
Erőforrás-alapú gazdaság:
fenntartható városok,
hatékony energiafelhasználás,
gazdálkodás az erőforrásokkal,
fejlett automatizáció.

Don't stick to a mistake just because you have spent a lot of time on it.

— Anonymous
National Debt

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