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The problems are great, therefore the solutions are not trivial.


Frequently asked questions about meritocracy.

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I like the idea. It's time for a change.
Many politicians like to arrange things in such a way that the masses of people are NOT receptive to ideas that call for a paradigm shift. The "problem" with these ideas is that they tend to challenge the established ways of exercising political power, which unfortunately conflict with the public interest. What is at stake here is that a given party or movement wants to impose a situation in which people are not interested in their own autonomy, have no solidarity with others (other than their politicians and close relatives and acquaintances), have no interest in science and technology, and leave themselves in the hands of…
The following article tries to shed light on how the US came to a two-party system. I will highlight two parts: "The "Founding Fathers", or members of the…
I wanted to write about this topic before, but this article helped me to decide. "Spanish government to encourage young people under 35 to buy their own home…
If you do a little research, these are processes that have been known for a long time. There is nothing surprising about it. The whole monetary system from the…
MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy … New superconducting magnet breaks magnetic field strength records, paving the way for…
This is nothing new, they just like to sweep it under the carpet as long as possible. Lest we end up with a huge mess. And I'm not talking about Hungary, I'm…
In relation to this article, I have started translating the Meritocracy website into several languages. I am using a much more advanced artificial intelligence…
Venus Project
Erőforrás-alapú gazdaság:
fenntartható városok,
hatékony energiafelhasználás,
gazdálkodás az erőforrásokkal,
fejlett automatizáció.

Recognise the fact that all the real problems in the world are caused by corrupt politicians and the billionaires who are in cahoots with them.

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